Burn The Bras



I learned, fairly quickly, as a teenager to unhook a woman’s bra by reaching behind while making love to her face and neck with my tongue and lips, and using my thumb and index finger to masterfully unclasp her bra with skill and speed.  There were normally 3 to 4 clasps and bam it was off before they even knew my hand was back there.  Yea those were the good ole days, when getting to second base and getting your hands on a girls tits were easy, all it took was some finesse, skill, a silver tongue, and the right touch. 

Well someone went and FUCKED all that shit up with the hook in front bra.  Who the fuck thought that one up?  Really?  Were they high?  Were they just sitting there thinking “How can we fuck with men’s brains and totally screw them?  I know, make women’s bra’s hook in the front, they’ll never be able to figure that shit out!”  Now, I understand some women struggle to get their bra off.  They either have beautifully large breasts or they have shoulder and neck problems so they can’t reach around and take it off, but guess what?  Go on guess.  Nope, guess again.  One more time.  That’s why we are here.  You have us men to help you get naked so you don’t have to worry about it.  There is no need for the hook in front bra.  None what-so-ever.  Save that for when you’re single, and have no date.  If you know your going to get laid or at least have the possibility, put that bra that hooks in the back, back on.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached around behind my wife thinking I’ll be smooth and unhook her bra and get surprised there were no FUCKING hooks.  I can’t undo that damn front bra hook.   Jesus H. Christ!  Your killing me.

So ladies, help us guys out, use the back hooked bras, the faster we get it off the faster you get off.  It’s all connected.  Take those hook in front bras and burn them or at least put them away for when your single or you know for a fact, you’re not getting any that night.


9 thoughts on “Burn The Bras

  1. Shannygirl

    So what your saying is.. I should get you to help me with mine since I have a shoulder/neck issue and can’t do the one’s in the back.. The problem is.. YOUR NEVER AROUND when I get dressed..so that only leaves 1 alternative.. go braless…every day.. to work, to the grocery store.. wherever.. just let the girls free!!! Okay.. I’ll go to the bathroom right now and take mine off and burn it out in the back yard!

      1. Shannygirl

        but you said no bra’s that hook in the front.. to get our man’s help.. your never around when I get dressed.. and the title of your blog is burn the bra… so.. yup.. that’s what you said.. I let the girls free.. it sure is chilly in my office this morning

        1. radaronelson Post author

          You can let the girls free as soon as you get home. That way its not on later in case we do something or have me help you with the other bra if we go out that night. That’s what I’m say to YOU alone.


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