Boy Shorts Ladies…..Wear Them….Often

boy shorts


Man, these things were a god send.  Whoever said lets create panties called boy shorts for ladies is my hero.  Yes there are sexy panties out there and thongs are great but I know there are some women who don’t like anything like a thong up there asses except for a dick.  But boy shorts, now they are the bomb.  I love how they hug the ass cheeks.  They look so good you want to rip them off as quick as possible just to get at what’s inside. 

I really think more women should wear them more often.   It should be boy shorts, thongs, or no panties at all in my opinion.  So if you don’t already wear them ladies, go out right now and buy 20 pairs of boy shorts then go home and throw away all your old panties and fill your drawer with your new boy shorts.  Trust me you won’t regret it.  Your boy toys will love you for it.


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