It’s All Based On Fear

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What’s our fascination with zombies?  For some it’s the gore, others it’s the fact that somewhere in the back of our minds there is a small possibility it could happen.  The fact is, it already has happened.  In all, it’s based on fear.  I bought the World War Z bluray and watched the special features and they mentioned that no matter why we watch, believe, or prepare for zombies the underlying reason is fear.  Fear that it could happen, fear of how we will survive, fear of how we will react, fear if we will become one ourselves.  Whether it’s a George A. Romero movie or a Max Brooks book, where they are created from nuclear explosion or a virus, the myth behind zombies or any myth are all based on some fact. 

One instance in history is documented back in the 30’s in Haiti when they would give people a drug that would induce a death-like state subjecting the person to the will of their controller.  They would then use them as slaves until they literally died.  They termed the slaves zombies.  There are other instances documented in the bible as well.  If you look at the basic concept of a zombie it’s the living dead.  Jesus was documented to have brought the dead back to life, thereby those individuals were in essence zombies.  Now they didn’t go around eating people at least not that the bible told us but then again the bible isn’t all inclusive and only told us what it wanted to tell us to spread the word about the works of God and Jesus.

Then there are the zombie ants.  Basically these are ants where a virus takes control of the ant’s brain thereby controlling its functions.  It strategically moves the ant to another location.  It multiplies itself from ant to ant moving them to this other location building its own ant hive totally under the virus’ control.  There are a dozen other stories in past history of zombies but for time sake I will save them for another blog.

If you look at the zombie plague realistically this is how it would happen.  The body would not actually die and come back to life but a virus would take over the human hosts brain then taking over the bodily functions.  Once seizing control of the brain there would be a momentary time where vitals will appear that the body has died but in fact it hasn’t.  The virus has just taken over and taken control over what it needs to function.  With that said because the virus has control the body will start to die and slowly rot. 

Now you may ask why zombies eat people.  Well there are several reasons for this.  First the virus has to spread; it uses the human to spread the virus through fluids like saliva and blood.  The easiest way to do this is biting and breaking the skin or spitting some sort of fluid into an open orifice or wound on the human.  Thus, it is basically copying itself or cloning itself.  The other reason is the virus, like any other living thing it wants to survive and since it has inhabited the human body the only way to do that is to ensure that the host feeds.

Now like any virus it doesn’t have a long lifespan which is why it spreads itself to other hosts.  The average zombie will live about a year before it dies.  This is due to various reasons, wounds to the body, the fact that it is deteriorating as if it is a corpse which lends to the fact that the host is infected with a deadly virus that is basically slowly killing it.  The theory behind shooting a zombie in the head to kill it is true because as stated before the virus lives in the brain.  It is controlling the body through the brains functions.  If you damage the brain and its ability to function the virus can no longer control the host and the zombie immediately dies thus killing the virus as well.

The reason why the zombie apocalypse would last longer than a year is because there are billions of people on the planet.  People will be infected at varying times.  Some will last a year before being infected others a year and a half and some a couple years and so on.  This will also be a worldwide thing.  You have to consider when this first starts the virus will be knew.  It won’t have its true make up down to a science so it may take some time to take control of the brain.  It could start looking like a cold or the flu.  People travel with a cold all the time.  So someone could be infected and travel to another country taking this virus with them.

So in conclusion, even though we like to joke about zombies and read books about them and even watch the movies, remember there have been times all throughout history, times I didn’t go into in this blog, where history records zombies were among us.   Zombies are real and have the potential to happen at any time, all it takes is the right virus at the right time.


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