Words Don’t Make A Person Bad


I have a tendency to say things, that are good intentioned, and of my own opinion, or my own experiences, and they always find a way to attract people who read or hear it and suddenly stop with their mouths agape and say “I can’t believe you do that” or “How could you do that to your wife or your kids”.  If it’s an opinion about something or an observation I always have to reply “At what point did you actually hear the words “I did or I do this or that”?  You didn’t.  So how can you honestly say because I say I support this cause or I believe in that that I am saying I do it?”  It honestly makes absolutely no sense to me what-so-ever.  I am the kind of person that if I did not specifically say those exact words then you have no right to or no logical reason to say I said it.  Logic dictates I didn’t.  My mind just can’t comprehend why people assume things like that.  At any rate I am known to offend or piss people off, so I guess why stop now right?  I’m sure that statement right there will piss a few people off too.

I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  I believe opinions are just that, opinions.  They are neither, right or wrong.  Every opinion even if they are opposing can be based in fact so they both can have something about them that is right and both can have something about them that is wrong but it doesn’t make them right or wrong.  Just because a person disagrees with you, or has a differing opinion than yours, it does not make them a bad person.  It doesn’t mean they actually do what they support either, it doesn’t mean they don’t, but it doesn’t mean they do.  I support gay rights (if both women are hot).  Does that make me gay?  I guarantee some would automatically assume that I am because I support it but surprise I’m not.

I don’t believe our current president should have ever been elected one term much less two, not because of his race but because of his policies and his political background but I guarantee you people will say if I don’t support him it’s because he is black and I’m a racist.  Wrong.  It has nothing to do with it.  Aside from all the black friends that I have, I would vote for a black Republican in a heartbeat just as I would a female Republican.  It’s the Republican’s credentials that I look at not what sex they are or color or sexual orientation.

Abortion is another topic that gets really heated with people and it doesn’t matter what side you are on people will say something about you even if it’s not true.  I am neither, for or against abortion.  Meaning I am not 100% one way or the other.  I support both sides for certain reasons.  I support the woman’s right to an abortion in the cases of rape, incest, or if the birth will endanger her life or both her and the child’s.  I support abortion if it is determined that the child will not live long and will be deformed and live a short or long tortured life or a vegetable, but these are all at the woman’s discretion.  It is not mandatory.  On the flip side I don’t support abortion as a means of birth control.  I don’t believe because some 14, 16, 24, 31, 42, or 48 year old who doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed should be able to go down and have an abortion, discarding baby after baby after baby just because she refuses to use protection or swallow or make him use protection.  Do accidents happen?  Sure they do.  Is that a reason for abortion?  No, in my opinion it is not.  You made a choice to have sex, now you need to be an adult and deal with the consequences.  Now I want to clarify, that I do not believe that someone who did make the choice to have an abortion is a bad person by any means.  Do I think they had other choices?  Yes, but they may not have thought so at the time, but I am more focussing on those who have one after another after another.  With that said these 13 and 16 year olds are not adult enough but guess what?  That’s why they have foster care and adoption agencies.  There are hundreds of parents out there that can’t have children that so desperately want to and by having that abortion you may have just taken their chance at loving and caring for a child away from them.  Now, I will speak for the voice unheard, no not the unborn child, but the father of that child.  Everyone focuses on the mother, “She is the one who has to carry the baby, it’s her choice!”  Well yes this statement is absolutely correct but that father does have a say, it is his child too.  She did not have this child through immaculate conception.  If she doesn’t want it she doesn’t have to keep it if she is unmarried but the father should have the opportunity to care for his child if he chooses.  If they are married, then the two have a lot of talking to do before the decision is made.  Some will say their doctor says a baby isn’t considered living until 6 weeks, well I can get a doctor that says at the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, it is alive and growing inside the mother, therefore it is a living human being and should be protected.  Again this is my opinion but I’m sure people will think I’m some monster and probably took some woman I knocked up in my past to some back alley Dr. with a coat hanger and some meth to have an abortion.  Well I didn’t.

Now underage sex.  Oooohhhh I’m getting the looks on this one.  I totally think it’s wrong.  I’m a parent and an adult, I know it’s wrong.  As a teenager I had sex as often as I could.  I was a teenager.  You have a different viewpoint on sex as a teen then you do as an adult.  No parent wants their teen to have sex.  No teen wants to be a virgin (unless you are so deeply rooted in church you have been brainwashed into thinking you have to wait till marriage).  At the same time you have to understand that no matter what you say, hormones are raging and your children are going to do what they want.  If they choose to wait that’s great, it’s awesome, but if they don’t you can’t really be angry, did you wait?  In most states 16 and consenting is legal.  It does not however protect you from the parent charging someone who is 18 or older with sexual assault on a minor.  I will never condone an adult touching any of my children who are under 18 even if they are 17.  Yes when I was a kid I had crushes on adults.  I understand teens have them.  The important thing is that the adult in the situation act like an adult and not engage the CHILD.  Now with that said it is getting very hard to determine who is over 18 and who isn’t now a-days and personally I think it should be illegal.  I saw a woman a while back and pointed her out to my wife and said to her “Doesn’t she have a nice ass?” and my wife in-turn said “She’s underage”.  I was aghast.   I asked “What do you mean?” she said she was about 17 and with her parents.  I immediately felt like a pervert.  I now have to ask “what do you think her age is?” before I make any kind of remark about their looks just so I don’t feel like a pedophile.    Kids need to dress like kids, not adults, it’s very confusing.  But if an adult knows their age they need to stay away, plain and simple.

Another example would be if someone says they support assisted suicides, does that mean they have actually assisted with a suicide?  No it just means they agree with it.  I could say I support prostitution.  It’s the oldest profession out there.  Does that mean I have prostituted myself out before or hired a prostitute?  No it doesn’t, it just means I support it.

I can go into so many other things that I support or don’t support or have opinions on.  I guarantee you though there will be people who will read this and focus on the examples or opinions I gave and not on what this blog is about which is everyone has a right to their own opinion and just because someone says they support something does not mean they actually do it, nor does it make them a bad person because their opinion is different from yours.  I’m not bad nor am I wrong for having an opinion, supporting, or believing in something that is different from you.  I don’t think that about you so don’t think it about me and don’t go running and whispering to people saying “I can’t believe he said that” or “I just can’t believe he does that”  When you know damn well the words “I DO …….” or “I DID ……” never came out of my mouth.


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