Before I go into this poem I wanted to get something straight because I know without saying this based on our argument if my wife read this she will think this is pointed at her.  Well it is NOT.  This is pointed all those other people who like to read into the things I say and then turn around and say I said something else and also to all those people who like to take my opinion of something and just assume because I support something that it must mean I also do it, etc etc.


by Robert M. Nelson II


Why can’t I speak my mind

Without it meaning something else

You say I have a right

Yet when I do, your ready to pounce


These words I say are just opinions

That does not mean they’re me

But you take my words and

Look for hidden meanings

Then point your finger saying see!!!


Accusing me of saying this

But I have to ask

Did you hear those exact words?

No? Now who looks like an ass!


I’m sick of all the Bullshit

Just let me be who I am

Don’t judge me for the things I say

Because I don’t give a damn


3 thoughts on “Listen

  1. sakuraandme

    Hahahaha! I cracked up when I read this. Glad you said that, as you banter a lot between the 2 of you and it would be easy to think you were writing personally. BTW: Your actually really good at poetry. Hugs from Oz. Paula xx


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