More or Less

Less is more or less


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More or less:  the times when one is better than the other.  There are a couple sayings out there, less is more and more is better and both tend to be referred to about different things.  Well, I’m here to look at both more and less and see when it’s better to have more and better to have less.  Let’s start with more.

I believe it’s better to have more money obviously because this means, your bills and debts can be paid.  You’re able to buy food and clothes, your children toys, movies, and yourself all the sex toys you want.  The more blood, action, profanity, nudity, and sex in a movie the better the movie I always say.  The more alcohol the better the party, which also means the drunker everyone gets which in-turn leads to less clothes on the ladies….I’ll get into that in the “less” explanations.  The more sex the better.  More children should be listening to their parents not arguing with them.  More children should be concentrating on school not electronics.  The more time you have the easier it is to get everything done you need and want to get done.  More women should put out on the first date, that way we know you’re interested in a second date or at least interested in a one night stand.  More women should give head and more women should swallow while giving head.  More people should support the legalization of pot and of course, who couldn’t do with a little MORE ROCK & ROLL!!!!

Now with the less.  The less a woman wears the better, sorry but show me every inch of skin you have don’t cover that shit up.  I’m not on the Price Is Right; I’m not here to guess what you look like underneath those clothes damn it (unless you look like honey boo boo’s mother then you need to cover up).  As much as I love fried chicken and butter, less is actually better for your health, I do want you people around a long time to like and comment on my posts you know.  I don’t want anyone getting diabetes or dying from heart disease at an early age of 70, not to mention less butter means you are able to taste the natural flavors of the food you cooked.  Less work with more pay is always good (see how I tie the two together there).  There should be fewer prisoners with life sentences and more with death sentences.   Less people getting off on technicalities when they should be convicted of the crimes they committed (Zimmerman).  Less women should be saying no to sex on the first date, sorry but those terms slut and whore are just stereotypes perpetuated by jealous women who can’t get laid as much as the women they labeled as a slut or whore.  Finally, there should be less abuse of men, women, and children.

That’s my take on some of the things I think there should be more of and less of.  If you can think of anything else let me know.  If you disagree with anything I said well, you’re wrong, I don’t care, and I don’t want to hear about how wrong you are.  Have a blessed day 🙂


12 thoughts on “More or Less

  1. Shannygirl

    really now.. well I guess I’ll be wearing less and less clothing.. especially to work since you think all women should.. (and no you can’t say the rules are different for me)… and if you get to see all the naked women.. i get to see all the naked men.. fair is fair..

    1. radaronelson Post author

      The rules are different for you. You can ONLY when I’m with you as for your work, you know that’s not a good idea you get sexually harrassed fully clothed and I you know I don’t care if you check out other men, you do, I’ve pointed a few out to you.

  2. sakuraandme

    Hahahaha! You guys banter is just as funny as the post. Well, take a bow ladies and gentleman because Robert is back!! Lol You never cease to amaze me, Robert. How does Shanny cope with you when you’re out? I bet there’s hundreds of men out there that would love to be as open with their feelings in front of their wives as you are. Go you and Shanny. Hugs to you both, Paula xxx


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