Who I Became


"Hellborn Messiah/Post War Depression - Split" LP

“Hellborn Messiah/Post War Depression – Split” LP

Who I Became

By Robert M. Nelson II


Oh lonely night

My world was so bright

Broken dreams

Faded schemes.

Looking through my broken eyes

All I see are fading skies

These bloody palms can’t take no more

It’s like picking at a puss filled sore.

No emotion for me to show

Yet so much inside,

The world will never know.

Unable to sleep

These nightmare dreamscapes follow

My heart not knowing when to break

Just waiting and waiting for my tomorrow.

I see the bodies, bits and pieces all around

As I lie on my knees, face buried in the ground.

The things I have seen and

The things I have done

May never be known

Except by my gun.

I go on with life

Broken and tattered

Living and laughing

Choking and battered.

Loving for all that my heart will allow

Hoping in time

Everyone else will be proud.

Not for the things I have said

Or what I have done

But who I became

When I let go of my gun.


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