The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 163

We made it to Arizona, hitting every settlement in-between we could find showing the notes to their doctors how to create the serum.  We came to a settlement in Arizona, heavily fortified, with several thousand people there.  It was amazing.  We were there for about a week when something happened.  The suit zombie and his horde arrived.  But they didn’t attack.  They stayed about a half a mile out from the settlement.

After about 30 mins he began walking towards the settlement alone, assuming he wanted me, myself and the leader of this settlement walked out to meet him.  Expecting some sort of grunts and moans and hand gestures, we were surprised when he began speaking in a somewhat Italian accent.  Apparently the threat of the new breed of zombie was more of a concern to him then the living were and he was here to make a truce.  He and his kind would stick to eating animals or humans who broke the truce and harmed his kind and we would do the same.  He also proposed we work together to fight the new zombie breed otherwise both living and dead will be doomed.

We agreed and he went back to his pack and we went in to the settlement and quickly sent out messages in form of telegraph, a form of communication used back in the 1800s to all the other settlements.  It wasn’t long before the new zombies were spotted on the horizon.  The suit zombie’s horde quickly got in a defensive position preparing attack.  The rest of us did the same.  The clash of zombies was thunderous.  Dead bodies clashing against each other, dead arms ripped from their bodies, rotting skulls pulled from their necks.  As the new zombies advanced through the suit zombies horde the settlement loaded up their vehicles and took off through the doors.  Bones and skulls were crushed under the wheels.  As our vehicle went through the bulk of the zombies we could feel the wheels spinning against the dead flesh, bones thrown against the under carriage.  It was slowly, slowing down when suddenly it kicked forward like a bone cut loose underneath and the car lurched forward sliding across the dead bodies sideways out of control hitting a boulder and flipping landing on its roof.

As we crawled from the car I grabbed my swords and began cutting the new zombies heads off one by one.  The others were firing as quickly as possible.  The suit zombies horde was cut in half but they were holding their own and slowly taking out the new zombies to our surprise despite being out numbered and out-matched.  Suddenly, a massive new zombie appeared and headed straight for the suit zombie.  He was double his size and grabbed him and threw him at least 10 feet.  The suit zombie rose and ran straight at him tackling him, then thrusting his arm into his chest.  The zombie grabbed his arm and ripped it from the suit zombies body and pulled it out of his chest but then the suit zombie grabbed the zombie by the jaw pushed his head up, bit his throat, ripping half of it off then grabbing his head through the hole and ripped his head off.

The remaining new zombies, low in numbers began to back off after the death of their leader and ran away.  The dead were gathered and buried and the suit zombie and his horde eventually disapeared into the desert.  We continued on after resting up to the other settlements ensuring everyone had the plans for the serum and letting everyone know who hadn’t been notified about the truce with the zombies and the new zombie threat.



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