Celebrity Hottie

Pink 1


If you follow my wife’s blog you know that she likes to do her Hottie of the Month posts.  I have in the past made similiar posts on celebrities who I thought were hot as well.  Well I figured it had been awhile, so it was time to post a new one.

For this post I chose the singer Pink!  I don’t know anyone who can look at her and say she isn’t hot.  She is definitely one fine specimen of a woman.  She sings, she has tattoos, she has piercings, and she has a rockin’ body.  She started in the business at 19 and has just exploded from there.  Now she is married and has a baby.  If there was one celebrity that I could have one night with and no strings attached, no angry spouses, and everything, she would be that one celebrity.  Of course, like any celebrity crush, they are just that, crushes with no real opportunity for anything like that happening but it’s good to dream, just like my wife wouldn’t mind riding The Rock all the way to pony-town, I wouldn’t mind doing the same with Pink.

Pink 2


6 thoughts on “Celebrity Hottie

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    I have a crush on this woman. I have seen 2 of her concerts over here – talent – stunning – voice – body – gymnast – wonderful role model – mother – she has it all 🙂


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