The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 145

While at the Costco we were able to replenish our supplies, find a working vehicle in the parking lot and move on.  Before we left though we had another group show up looking to do the same.  There was a really heavy set guy, I’d say at least 350 lbs who went by the name Jonesy, a woman in her mid 30s named Katrina, she had a little girl around 12 yrs old named Silvia, and a black guy in his 40s named Mike.  Mike was a real asshole.  He had some sort of smartass comment to make on everything, he really got on my nerves.  How they all hooked up together I don’t know.  At any rate we decided it would be more benificial if we stuck together, strength in numbers and all that jazz.  We left heading towards California to find some safe havens we heard about and let them know about the serum.

As we were crossing an area outside the cities, an area with large grassy fields on either side of the road which were then surrounded by trees we were attacked by the suit zombie’s zombie army.  Now this is where things got interesting and scary.  They came from all sides surrounding our vehicles.  We ran through any in our way shooting out through the windows but then something new appeared.  A new breed of zombie.  These things were 5x faster then the others.  It was like they had enhanced stamina or something.  I don’t know any human who can run this fast.  Anyway the started attacking the Suit Zombies army, ripping them apart.  Anything or anyone they saw they attacked, too include us.  The other groups vehicle was quickly surrounded by 50 of these new zombies and overturned.  We swung around, shooting them in the head.  Now unlike the others one shot to the head didn’t kill them, it only slowed them down it took 2 sometimes 3 direct hits to the head to stop them.  Katrina and Silvia were the first out of the car, running through an opening they ran towards us and made it in.  As we swung around, Mike had made it out and was on top of the car, or should I say on top of the bottom of the car, blasting away at the zombies.  Jonesy slowly crawled out fighting off the zombies, as we came around to let him in.  Mike jumped from the car, running towards us but within 10 feet of the car he went down.  One of the new zombies bit his neck, clawed his chest then took off after one of the Suit’s zombies.  I watched as he instantly turned, screaming till it turned into a gutteral howl.  As he rose and came for us I quickly planted 3 bullets in his head.  I can say, that felt really good, he was an ass I won’t miss.

We took the opportunity to take off out of there while the zombies were busy fighting each other.  After thinking about the events of that day, these new zombies looked different as if the virus mutated somehow, making the faster and stronger, but more ferral, less intelligent thought, almost like rabies and infection rate was instant.  Our syrum will help against the old zombies but these new ones I don’t think it is going to do anything for.  They attack anything not like them, which included the old zombies and thankfully that lowered the Suit Zombies numbers but I guarantee he will be preparing for them and next time he won’t lose so easily.



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