The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 139

For the most part things have been uneventful these past couple weeks.  We had our normal run-ins with the zombies, a few here and there.  Even found a few stuck in the snow, frozen stiff.  We just ran a blade through their skull and moved on.  Don’t want them thawing out in the spring and killing someone else.  We did figure out that when they have no food after a certain amount of time they will just stop where they are, some even sit, and go into a hybernation and wait till they either totally decay to nothing or food comes by.  We had several sitting at some tables in a Denny’s we went into to get some shelter for a few minutes and rummage.  At first they looked truly dead they were so still but as we walked by they turned to look at us and suddenly lurched from the tables after us.  They were quickly dispatched and we moved on.

We found an old lady, Grace, in a cabin in the woods.  At first I thought she was a zombie, She looked to be every bit of 100, though she is only 70.  She was just withering away.  We offered to take her with us but she declined.  Honestly, I thought she might, she was just too worn down to make that travel, especially in the cold.  We left her some supplies and a gun and ammo to defend herself.  We got about 1/2 mile away when a single shot rang out.  We walked in silence for hours, no one wanting to talk about it.  We made it back into the U.S. a couple days ago.  We are in Seatle hold up in a Costco right now.  We secured it the best we could and are taking turns as guard until we have resupplied and are well rested.



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