The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 127

The suit zombie’s army of dead attacked the base hard and fast.  As we left the hospital we could see them coming.  There were military personnel and regular citizens alike working to hold them back while trying to evacuate as many people as they could.  There were hundreds coming.  Some slow walkers, some runners, some even with weapons.  We jumped in the nearest truck and took off, running down any zombie who got in the way.

Just as we got through the zombies, out of nowhere a large object, shaped like a sledgehammer made from metal, suddenly slammed into the front of the truck, folding the front of the truck in like a sandwhich. The sudden force stopped the truck flipping it into the air back over front.  It took us a minute or two to come to our senses.  Once we realized we were upside down in the truck we grabbed everything we could, including the docs notes, recordings, and samples of the serum and climbed out of the truck.  As we climbed out and stood, I looked over the truck and there I saw the largest zombie I had ever seen.  He had to be at least 6′ 8″ and 300 pounds of rotting flesh.  He was tearing through everyone who approached.  We took the opportunity of his distraction to escape.  As we took of running towards the gate another wave of zombies was coming.  We took off towards the woods, shooting and slicing any zombie in our path.  When suddenly one came out from a large brushy area surprising the doc, grabbing him by the arm and biting into his neck, ripping his throat away.  As the zombie chewed on the flesh of the doc, he just looked at us grabbing his throat, falling to his knees, then to the ground face down.  Several other zombies began to feast on him, we ran back to the doc, killing them as quickly as possible.  I ran a sword through the doc’s head so he wouldn’t come back as one of them, then we grabbed the stuff he was carrrying for the serum and then took off running again.

We ran for hours taking breaks as we had too.  I know we are being pursued but I believe we have  gotten far enough away to rest for awhile before moving on.  We lost the doc, but hopefully everything we got from him will help us to fight these things, at the very least give people some hope they won’t become one of them.  I’m going to close for now and I’ll write again later. 



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