The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 126

We really wasn’t sure where to find the doc so we just followed the road and searched houses and stores hoping to find him.  The snow was at least 10 inches in a lot of places which was good and bad.  It slowed us down but it also meant it would slow the zombies down.  We came across several that were stuck in snow drifts almost frozen.  It was nothing to put a sword or a knife through their brain as we passed by.  Eventually we came to a section where the snow in the road was packed down like it had been driven on a lot and eventually we came to where it had even been half cleared.  As we walked we came to a gate for an old military base called called Eielson Air Force Base.  As we approached we were stopped by guards.  They did a check of us to ensure no infection then drove us to a hanger where they were processing new individuals who happen to make it there.  I noticed to accomodate for the shortage in gas they converted their vehicles to solar power.  The also had put up walls around the front of the base and the flightline, unfortunately this was a big place and there were lots of areas with no walls.  When we were done we got directions to base hospital and made our way there.

We asked around till we found the doc.  He didn’t remember me at first but I guess I have changed a lot since I was a little girl.  We explained why we came and that the suit zombie was following us looking for him and his cure.  He explained he had no cure, what he had was similar to a chicken pox shot.  If you are already a zombie or infected but not changed yet, it will not do any good.  What it does is protect those uninfected from getting infected by the virus.  Problem was it worked only 90% of the time so there will still be some who, even after the shot, could still be infected and turn.  Everyone at the installation had been inoculated and he proceeded to inoculate us.

We explained we needed to get him, his notes, and the vaccine out to all the locations where there were mass groups of people so their doctors could replicate it and inoculate their citizens.  He agreed and is now gathering everything he needs.  WOW that’s loud, someone started the base siren. I need to find out what is happening.  I have a feeling we are going to need to get out of here quick.  I’ll write later, if I’m still here to do it.



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