The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 121

As we continued traveling towards Alaska, the snow began to get heavier and deeper.  We tried to stay on the roads though it was difficult to know where that was at times so we followed the tree lines where there were any.  Eventually the road lead us up the side of a steep mountain rounding around the edge.  It was a long narrow road around the side of a large mountian with nowhere to go but forward and the snow was compact with a thin film of ice over it.  We got half way around the mountain road and that was when we heard the moans.  Suddenly a zombie falls right in front of us.  Then another on top of him, and another and another.  As we looked up we saw, a ledge above us, and zombies filing off trying to get to us.  As they hit the ground the ones on the bottom were just busted open and splattered by the bodies of the zombies landing on top of them.  Those that were lucky enough were able to roll off before the next one fell.  Before we knew it there were at least 40 or 50 standing and crawling as more walked off the cliff above us.  We deciced it best to try and get out of there and continued to fight through the crowd of zombies to push forward.  The snow was hard packed and had formed more of an ice film across the top slowing us down but it was slowing the zombies down as well.

Julie made it through first, Dawn was doing what she does best, shooting the zombies in the head with uncanny accuracy.  Next Patricia made it out of the crowd but then two zombies grabbed Jose and as they slipped on the icy ground they fell over the side.  I ran to them and saw Jose holding on to the edge with a zombie holding on to his foot as the second one continued to fall hitting the side of the mountain as it went, parts of it pulling apart with each hit. I reached out and grabbed Joses hand to help pull him up.  Dawn was covering us with her guns.  Jose continued to try and kick the other zombie off but it held on and contiued to climb up his leg as I tried pulling him back up.  Then he suddenly screamed.  He then looked at me with a look of sorrow but also thankfulness for the help I tried to give.  I told him to hold on we were close to Alaska and the doctor could cure him but he said he would never make it.  I looked past him and the zombie had his calf muscle in his mouth chewing away, when I looked back at Jose, all he said was goodbye and he let go of my hand.  I watched as he and the zombie fell down the side of the mountain to their demise.

I got back up and me and Dawn worked our way to the others.  More zombies were coming over the cliff above the road and forming into the group on the road following us.  We were slow going but faster then the zombiies and were able to get away from them.  Once the road got back on flat land we decided to cut back through the woods for several miles to throw them off our trail then made our way back to the road.  We just crossed the Alaska border according to the sign post.  Now to find the doctor.



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