The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 114

Our group is down to me, Jose, Julie, and Patricia.  We were held up in a little cabin for a couple days then headed out.  We we making our way through the woods and snow when we could hear a comotion going on.  As we snuck up on them, we could see a group of about 150 zombies closing in on 3 people, we assumed local canadians.  All 3 dressed in camo, one guy had a bow with a sheath of arrows strapped to his right leg, and a machete to his left with a shot gun on his back.  The female had duel sidearms holsters and an M-16 and the 3rd guy had a x-bolt rifle with scope.  I will say it was amazing to watch these three go. 

Instict said we should probably help but to see them shoot, all we could do is hide and watch. The first guy was shooting arrows to the zombies heads with precision.  As soon as he let go of the arrow he was reaching down, grabbing another and pulling the string back to shoot again.  The lady was just as awesome with her M-16 she had it on semi-auto as to not waste bullets, carefully placing rounds in zombies heads as they slowly advanced on them from the front and right side.  The third guy, had to be prior special forces the way he shot this rifle.  I had never seen anyone raise a rifle shoot, hit the target in the head dead on, pull the bolt back releaseing the empty shell reach into the ammo belt around his body, grab another shell, put it in, push the bolt back, re-aim, fire, and do it all over again as fast as this guy.  It was like the arcangel himself came down and blessed them.  As the first guy, ran out of arrows he reached for the shotgun and began blowing zombies arms and legs away to slow them down then a quick shot to the head to take them out.

The lady threw down the M-16 and pulled the duel pistols out, which I could tell was what she was much better at using, even though she was extremely skilled with the M-16.  I’d swear you would think these people did this for a living.  She started firing those pistols like they were an extension of her.  Shooting multiple zombies at once. The first guy finally switched to the machete and heads began to roll, literally.  They all kept close and their backs somewhat to each other.  This lasted several minutes, though watching them it seemed everything happened in slow motion and was going on for much longer, when it happened.  A crawler got by them, grabbed the first guy, tripping him up.  As he fell backwards, his arm swung out and downward slicing through the back of the guy with the rifle’s lower leg, cutting it clean off.  The first guy kicked the zombie off him as the lady shot it in the head then continued on with the rest of the crowd.  The 3rd guy began screaming as he fell, dropping his rifle to the ground as the zombies decended upon him, ripping his skin from his body, disembowling him.

As the first guy struggled to get up zombies began to decend upon him as well.  At this point they had managed to dwindle them down from 150 to about 30 zombies.  That’s when I saw Patricia running into the crowd of zombies with her bowie knife stabbing them in the head.  The lady with the dueling pistols was ejecting clips and reloading with new clips from various strategicly placed spots on her body when she noticed the help, though confused by patricias zombie disguise she didn’t question it and began firing again.  We ran out after and began to fire, finishing of the last of them as they feasted on her friends.

The lady said her name was Dawn and the three of them was all that was left of an Army Ranger group that had tracked the zombie suit up into Canada.  I told her I thought the military had long disbanded but she said there are still pockets that are still operating under their own leadership trying to regain some sort of control to help rebuild a government.  We told her what we were doing and about the cure and the doctor and she agreed to follow along to help out.



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