The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 105

It’s been a month since I last wrote, we should have been in Alaska by now but unfortunately we aren’t.  We were going through Kentucky and ran into a hord of zombies and when it looked as if we were surrounded they started dropping.  It took us a minute before we realized there was a woman sneaking up on them stabbing them in the head with a bowie knife.  We almost mistook her for a zombie herself because she wears a zombie face kinda like this old movie I heard about when I was a kid about this guy who would carry a chainsaw and kill people and wear their faces.  She also wore their clothes.  Pretty smart, she looks and smells just like them so they don’t bother her.  She doesn’t talk much, her name is Patricia.  She comes into camp and eats with us but prefers to slip into the woods unseen from everyone unless we hit a town or city where she isn’t hidden by the trees.

The hornets haven’t followed us thank God.  Jose and Julie walked ahead as the rest of us followed behind most of the time.  We came across another terrifying site.  Apparently what I found back in the science lab was true.  There are several species that have similar DNA to humans, and one of them are pigs and as we came across a pig farm we found several dead and rotting, torn apart, then we heard them, and several zombiefied pigs started after us.  Let me tell you these things are mean little mothers and being zombies didn’t help.  They were breaking through their pens and almost took Jose down.  What’s weird is when we took them out their brains were half liquified, half squishy.  I don’t know how the virus kept them functioning honestly.

We ran into the suit zombie’s hord at the Canadian border.  I know he was around but not in sight.  He is obviously after the same thing we are because there was no reason to find him and his hord that far North.  We are in Canada now.  There is snow in places and the snow is slowing the zombies down.  It’s not stopping them but it is making it difficult for them.  Unfortunately it is slowing us down as well.  Hopefully we make it before it gets too cold travel and too much snow where we are stuck somewhere for weeks or months.



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