The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 75

I know it’s been a long time since I have written but a lot has happened.  I am writing in a new journal.  I lost the last one.  Hopefully whoever finds the old one will pick up with their own story and not use it as fire starter.  It took a while to find a new journal, at least one worth writing in and that was halfway decent and empty.  So any way, to catch you up, we were in the cabin and the mutated undead hornets were outside.  We knew we couldn’t stay so we looked around and found several bottles of alcohol and rags and made some Molotov cocktails, as well as putting any wood we found in the fireplace and started a fire.  We were hoping the smoke from the fire would make them move away from the house.  Normal bees and wasps don’t like smoke so we were hoping these guys were just the same.

After several minutes we could hear them flying away.  They were still out there but not as close.  That gave us the chance we needed.  We each took a cocktail and something to light it with so we could throw it at any swarms or individual hornets following us.  We decided to continue heading the way we were before all of this happened.  We opened the door and took off running.  I had 3 immediately start to close in on me so I lit the rag and threw it and hit the lead undead hornet and it exploded into a large ball of fire as the other two flew right into it, burning all 3 to a crisp.  A few minutes later I hear another explosion, then another, then a couple minutes later another.   As we entered into a thick underbrush area Chrystal got caught.  As she lit hers and tried to throw it at the two undead hornets converging on her she wasn’t so lucky.  The cocktail fell out of her hand, hitting the ground, and exploded, catching her on fire instantly.  She quickly burned to a crisp and the hornets left turning their attention to us.  There were only 5 left and they were right on us.  We got out and were on a ledge and about 70 feet below us was a lake.  We had no choice, we jumped.  As we surfaced, we couldn’t see the undead hornets anywhere and as we got to land we could see a concrete building back in the woods.  As we investigated we found out that it was a scientific lab and these hornets were a government science project gone wrong.  Problem is they don’t just go after humans, they go after animals too which means we could be seeing more than just giant zombie hornets.  I realized at this point I didn’t have my journal anymore.  So I looked around and this is where I found my new journey plus some extras. 

Since this incident, we have been back on the road towards Alaska looking for the Dr.  We have ran into our fair share of zombies and asshole living alike but so far, no undead hornets or any other undead insects or animals.




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