The Wedding Blues


So tomorrow I will be driving to Florida to give my oldest daughter’s hand away in marriage on Saturday.  We have rehersals Friday, then the wedding on Saturday.  She will be 21 in Aug and honestly I knew this day was coming but as a father you always want the best and hope they find someone to be happy with but at the same time you wish they could stay your little girl forever.

She is a beautiful and intelligent young woman and I am very proud of her and couldn’t be more proud of her on this special day.  So with that said I will be away from the blogisphere until next week, Monday at the earliest.  I know, I know, what’s new, I take two day or three days off at a time anyway here lately.  When I come back though, I will have a new blog of her wedding with pictures.


18 thoughts on “The Wedding Blues

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    Oh Rades how absolutely adorable for posting this about your baby girl. You will cry I know you will. Is hubby- to- be a good guy…all the attributes required to take her hand through life? Yes she will be someones wife…but believe me she will always be your little girl, enjoy the day and I hope everything goes smoothly. Can’t wait till the pics on your return! xx

  2. The Laughing Duck

    Awe this is so sweet ! Can’t say I’d know what that’d feels like.. so excuse me for linking this back to imagining giving away my cat for marriage..
    Kidding aside, glad she found the one she wants to be with. Hope you guys have a safe and awesome trip ! (:

  3. betunada

    come awn, dood! isn’t “blues” possibly a misnomer? and by now you’ve XXXpeerienced it and i’ll bet you wasn’t BLUE at all. radiant? well, not maybe, but jubilant? am i getting close?


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