The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 42

We ran across something new the other day and I dare say it may just be even scarier then the zombies themselves.  It would appear the zombie virus has mutated and is not contained to humans anymore.  It’s effecting insects as well which my guess means it has moved on to animals too we just haven’t seen those yet but as for the insects; yea we saw them.  It not only affects them but mutates them.

We were making our way through the woods when we came across a bunch of zombies that had recently been dispatched by someone.  As we moved forward there were more and more bodies; heads blown off, arrows through the heads stuck to trees, etc, then we came upon an old cabin.  As we got closer we could hear shots coming from the distance, so we ran past the cabin to see if anyone needed help, though by the looks of the bodies around the cabin they probably didn’t.  As we got closer we heard the screams.  Then about 400 yards away we saw 2 men in overalls and a woman in jeans and a flannel shirt running then a swarm of giant undead hornets swarmed them, stinging them and biting them.  Needless to say they didn’t last long except the woman somehow she got out but for not.  As she approached us she fell to her knees, there were welts the size of my fist all over body, her shirt torn off, one on her neck and face,   As she looked at us, slowly dying, you could see the zombie virus taking hold as her body, around the stings, quickly turned from red to a greyish black and her eyes turned from green to a milkish white.  She finally collapsed then a second later rose to come after us.  Chrystal shot her in the head but unfortunately that alerted the swarm and they turned for us.

We ran back to the cabin and barricaded ourselves in.  Luckily the windows were covered with 3 layers of tin as well as the doors.  We could hear the swarm attacking the windows and doors but to no avail.  They have since been crawling around outside and on the roof.  There is at least a weeks worth of food and water left in the cabin but obviously we can’t stay here forever so we are working a plan to get out.



One thought on “The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 42

  1. betunada

    so …. THAT is what the new wasps ‘n hornets around our place have become! (i mostly DON’T say “come vizzit my blog” but come visit my blog (“amoeba farts”) to look at the ZOMBIE WASP COCOONS)


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