The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 36

We have been on the run lately.   We had a day here and there of rest and some much needed intimate time but it’s been few and far between.  Our group of two has grown.  We now have Jose a short mexican who used to deliver pizza’s, Julie a woman in her 60’s but a damn good shot, all she will say is she is retired, from what I’m not sure, and Chrystal, a transgendered prostitute.  I only know she is what she is because I walked in on her changing and imagine my surprise.  I’ll say if I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it.

We came across a small encampment, fortified enough to protect the small group of them but not for long if the suit’s army comes through.  They actually knew of him and of the Dr.  Said they heard the Dr had headed to Alaska, because it’s cold most of the time it puts the zombies in a type of hybernation until the couple months of summer.  So we are headed there for now.

We were able to obtain a vehicle we could all ride in.  We have been borrowing gas where we can find it.  Only problem is the noise attacts the dead.  There was one big mother come at us one day, he almost looked like Michael Clark Duncan.  It took several shots to the head from Quinn before he dropped.  We are in Tennessee right now and boy you should see some of the hillbilly zombies we have seen.  It makes you wonder.



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