Do You Plan Ahead?


Do you plan out your day?  How about your week or weekend?  Or maybe even your trip or even just how you plan to take care of bills or what to buy for birthdays or Christmas?  Myself I tend to plan things, I am not big on spontenaity.  I can be spontanious on occasion but it’s not a regular thing.  I like to know what and when I am going to do something.  I also like to stick to the plan, small deviations are okay but not large ones, this messes with my OCD.

Me and my wife have a difficult time in this area because she likes to just do things, not saying she doesn’t plan things but she is more spontaneous then she is a planner.  It also annoys her that I insist we stick to the plan.  Because I planned things out I have in my head what will happen in a sequence of events, if that is changed then I no longer know what the end result is going to be and that is chaos to me.

Planning 2

Like the picture says above no happy hour lasts forever so therefor you have to plan ahead.  If you know it ends at 7pm and it’s 6:45, buy 8 beers at the happy hour price to last you.  Now that is planning.  Sometimes plans take time to play out, weeks, months, years and it can be frustrating at times but if you know the plan and stick to it then it can ease the mind but for me if there is no plan and you just “wing” it it’s like being stuck in a tornado not knowing when or where you are going to land.

So are you a planner or do you just do things on a whim?


11 thoughts on “Do You Plan Ahead?

  1. Fat Bottom Girl

    Beer gets hot too fast!! lol I am a planner since I had a child, but I used to be fly by the seat of my pants fun!! Man, I miss those days! I don’t think any good story ever started out with, “So I planned this. . . .” hahahaha. . .just kidding you!!

  2. ramblingsfromamum

    Some things I plan only because the majority of my friends do not – I am the organiser, the one who invites, who texts, who sets a plan in motion… sometimes I feel like saying pfft if they want to see me let them do the organising…but then nothing usually happens(perhaps that tells me something) my daughters both write lists daily yes slightly OCD and plan everything…what I didn’t plan was losing my job today… hmm perhaps I should have had another plan set in place.

  3. Katie

    I’m a big planner. I really don’t like to go into anything without a game plan. I generally have a plan A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K.

  4. The Siren's Tale

    I love planning – but tend to do things at a whim. It makes me feel more “in control” when I have things set up in advance, knowing how the day/week/month will go. Life doesn’t always play according to my plans though. Because of this, I tend to have to do things I want on a whim!


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