The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 22

Well I figured out why Quinn is such a zombie magnet and the reason for the curious color of his eyes.  He’s a carrier.  More to fact, he’s been bitten but kinda immune.  He can’t turn but because he has been bitten he carries the virus in him.  I think his unique physiology may actually hold a cure or at least a vaccine to prevent turning if I can find the Dr I traveled with as a kid, assuming he is still alive.

I found this out one night because we found a small house to hide out in.  We had checked the place and it appeared to be clear.  We locked up and settled in.  The sexual tension between us had been too much and we made our way to the bedroom and began undressing.  Our clothes were off within seconds.  His hands were all over me, his mouth trailing down my body stopping to suck my hardened nipples.  We lay on the bed and he moved down and began to lick me.  I was so wet, I wanted him so bad.  He moved up, put his arms under my legs and slid inside me.  Within minutes of our passion, his hard thrusting took my mind elsewhere but my surroundings.  That’s when a stumper (that’s a zombing missing his legs, apparently hiding under the bed, crawled out, jumped up on the bed and bit him on the shoulder.

As he suddenly jerked back and out of me I can tell you it wasn’t the most confortable feeling.  They fell to the floor and I rolled off the bed running to grab my sword and ran it through the zombies head.  I was ready to take out Quinn when he started screaming he was immune.  I wanted to believe him but couldn’t.  Instead I tied him up and waited 24 hrs to see if he turned or showed any signs of sickness.  It’s been 3 days since that incident and nothing has happened.  Weird thing is, there is kind of a reverse effect.  His bite mark totally healed up with the exception of a small scar.  He has numerous small scars on his body.

He explained since being bitten this he gained some sort of healing power because of his immunity.  We now have two goals.  Finding the zombie leader and the Dr.  Oh, and maybe we’ll have another chance to finish our sex session at a later date.



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