The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 17

So the past 5 days have been fucking hell.  I team up with Quinn, this really cute hunk and we haven’t had any real time to talk, catch up, or flirt.  I barely see any zombies for days and he teams up with me and suddenly they are everywhere.  You know, I found him surrounded in a cabin by the dead and now it’s like the trees are breeding them.  We can’t catch a break.  It’s almost like he is a zombie magnet.

I didn’t notice at first but he has the weirdest eye color, they are almost grey.  I have never seen that before.  Very weird.  Anyway, we ran into a couple hillbillies.  I swear they were straight out of this really old movie I saw when I was back at the camp before I left.  I think it was called “Deliverance” or something like that.  There was a line about “You sure got a pretty mouth” that just popped in my head when I saw them.  They thought they were going to rob us but we killed them before they could tell me to “squeel like a pig”.

Then there was a farmer, his wife I’m assuming and their teen daughter, all zombies.  Then a fully naked zombie chick with fake tits.  I only knew they were fake because she had a bite taken out of the left boob and you could see the silicone.  Her plastic surgen did a good job though.  I was a little jealous.  Actually, I hated her.  She had a perfect body, aside from the fact it was decaying.

I have tried feeling Quinn out a little when we weren’t killing hillbillies and zombies to see what he might think of me.  I did a little flirting.  Talked about how he stayed in shape after the zombies rose, when laughing touching his leg or arm, even a little dirty, sex humor on the rare spare moments we have.  He went along with it and did some of the same back.  I may just have a chance with this guy.  I hope he doesn’t die before I find out.



One thought on “The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 17

  1. betunada

    you might get a chuckle (but definitely NO O O inspiration) from my blog (siento: es en español) “correr con los zombi’s”.
    betty and i volunteered to be zombies in the local 5k “run for your life.” fortunately i had a whiskey flask which i suppose is NOT very zombi-ish.


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