The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 9

It’s been 9 days since I last wrote.  I have been walking for what seems like forever.  I have yet to come across another living person.  They have either got smart and banded together in fortified communities or most everyone are dead or zombies.  What is weird is I haven’t ran across very many living dead either.  I did come across one as a passed on the outskirts of one town.  He was dressed like a 1970s pimp.  After I put my sword through his head I cut off what was left of his dick.  If he was a pimp it seemed only appropriate for what he did when he was alive.

Though I feel safer on my own I can’t help feel my quest wouldn’t go better if I had someone else with me.  Not to mention it’s getting lonely and someone to talk to would be nice.  Maybe some sexual release beside rubbing myself wouldn’t hurt either.  Okay I’m getting off track.

The Godfather, which is what I have come to call the zombie in the suit, has become harder to track.  I know he has his following of zombies but it’s like they just up and disappeared. There are stragglers here and there but I haven’t came across a group of them yet.  I only hope I’m on the right track.



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