The Undead Diaries Part II: Abigails Story – Day 1

My name is Abigail.  I was 9 the last time I wrote in a journal.  Matter-of-fact it was the first time as well.  It was my uncles after he saved me and died by those zombies that followed us.  Only Katy, the Dr, and myself got away that day.  I was able to save his backpack and journal.  I still have them with me today.

It’s been 10 years since that day.  Me and Katy had been on the run for a very long time.  Several years to be exact.  The zombie in the suit seemed to be amassing a large zombie army going through every part of the US taking out everyone he could from town to town.  We eventually made it to a fortified community about 5 years ago in Pennsylvania.  We had been there up until today.  I spent my time training with swords and guns, learning to survive and hide from the zombies.  I told Katy I was ready to take the war to the zombies and stop the suit zombie once and for all.  She chose to stay behind.  I guess she just doesn’t have any fight left in her, though I fear one day, the fight will be coming to her, I only hope she still has the strength to stand up and not lay there and die.

I heard rumors of the Dr. somewhere on the west coast, still working on his vaccine.  Maybe I’ll make it his way one day.  For now, I’m loaded up with one goal.  Hopefully in the end I will have done my family proud.

I left today and headed to south.  That was the last place I heard the zombie army was.  I hope to find others willing to fight with me along the way.   Closing for now.



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