Laziness, It’s A Mental Thing


Now everyone has their moments of laziness from time to time.  Your tired, your sick, you had a busy day, and you just don’t feel like doing something or another so you just say “hey, why do that today when I can do it tomorrow.”  What gets me are those who have made being lazy an art-form.  When they would rather be lazy then do anything.  When doing the bare minimum or even less than the bare minimum is enough for them, instead of doing a little extra, trying to do better then what is expected, to better themselves, or to help others.

I’m sure we have all known someone who is like this.  Someone is just utterly lazy.  Either, at work or home.  Someone when told to do something, even when given very specific instructions, still half-asses it because of nothing more than laziness.  Because they just flat out don’t want to do it.  These people are very frustrating to me.  I have a very hard time understanding this type of mentality.  It’s very confusing to me.

I have always felt a person should want to do their best, no matter what it is, whether its your job, chores, cooking, being a parent, spouse, friend, or just putting a piece of furniture together.  Does this mean your best will always be good enough?  Naw, but if you can say it was your best and you tried your hardest, then it should be good enough for you.  Do you know anyone like this?  Someone who is so lazy they would rather do nothing at all then do their best at just one thing?


9 thoughts on “Laziness, It’s A Mental Thing

  1. Jackie

    I wish I could give a lazy person my disease. They could sit around on their butt all day long while I get stuff done! My grandpa used to say “I don’t care if you grow up and dig holes all day for a living, but you better dig the best darn hole ever dug!” I think that mentality is lost on a lot of people. In my opinion… some people are lazy because all they see growing up is lazy adults, some people are lazy because their parents did everything for them (know too many in this category), and some people are lazy because they lack pride in their work.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I so agree with your grandpa. I also agree with what you say, I do believe those are factors. But I have to ask because I know this from experience, what if the lazy person has hard working adults and their parents don’t do everything for them but try to instill a good work ethic in them but they just refuse to accept it and just want to be lazy?

  2. ramblingsfromamum

    OMG I’m with Paula – you know Daughter # 2!!!! Or my ex ..when the telephone book was delivered on our door step and he walked over it for 3 days when he entered the house…. yes my EX 😉

  3. Sue Dreamwalker

    Sometimes I feel lazy when I get on the PC to blog and browse as there is usually always something waiting in the wings when Im not at work.. 🙂
    Working as I do in Support Work.. my job half the time is to encourage and motivate.. For many I work with have problems and need to find something to give them that focus on concentrating on something that will get them out of their lazy tendencies which often stem from a lack of self worth….

    Wishing you a Great Day and weekend..

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