Individuality. Is There A Such Thing?


People like to say that each person is unique.  An individual.  Well technically if you are alone, with no one around, then yes you are an individual but are you truly unique?  Are you a unique individual?  What makes a person a unique individual?  A lot of times this is told to children by there parents and it’s normally in response to their children not having very many friends or they are the target of bullies, don’t get asked out on dates, etc etc.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to cheer your child or someone else up.  I just want to look at the aspect of being a unique individual for a moment.

Some would say I am a unique individual.  They say my brown hair, blue eyes, handsomely good looks, great sense of humor, sarcasm, and perverted nature, along with my intelligence and my career in the Air Force and all my accomplishments make me unique.  Well, lets break it down.  Lots of people have brown hair, blue eyes, and there are a couple men out there that have handsomely good looks like myself.  I know a few others who have a sense of humor, witty sarcasm, and my father has the same perverted nature that I do.  My son looks, sounds, acts, and talks just like me.  He likes the same things as me, thinks the same way, he is one of the few who is more intelligent than me.  Does that make him unique?  Well there are a couple just as intelligent as him.  We even think the same.  There are even some who have accomplished more than me in the military.  So am I unique if others have all the same qualities as me?  Are they unique if I have all the same qualities as them?  You may say it’s the personality that makes someone unique.  Well me and my son have the same personalities.  I know others who have the same personality as me.  So am I still unique?

Individuality 2

Being a unique individual implies that there is at least one thing about you that no other person in the world has, does, thinks, or is the same as you.  With billions of people on this planet I hardly think that is true.  So I say there are no unique individuals.  Instead, I believe that we are special to those who love, care about us, and consider us a friend.  There are lots of things special to us and people as well.  Being special does not have a set requirement for only one person or thing but can be many.  So I believe each person is not a unique individual but a special person in the eyes of those around us that consider us family or friend.


13 thoughts on “Individuality. Is There A Such Thing?

  1. IdealisticRebel

    Very good question. I believe that just as the stars are each unique, and we are made of star dust, we are all unique. Some of us are just a little more unique than others. Have a good weekend.

  2. southernbarbiedoll

    This is VERY intresting but in a way we are unique. No one has your finger prints, even your brain actions are different because no two people can be the exact same. Your DNA…even your own features. Only way your son looks exactly like you is if he is a clone. Not everything on his body is the same as yours.

    Now with personalities. That is Nature vs Nurture one of the OLDEST debates out their. With Nature they say we are born with our personalities with little to no effect from our environment. While Nature states we are a clean slate that picks up from our environment. So if we are born with our own personality I can see that adding to our Unique pile. But if we learn from the environment then we are some how special. But this debate still gets brought up with homosexuality and influences on intelligence.

    Either way a great blog on your views of Unique.


        1. radaronelson Post author

          Well I didn’t mean arguement in a bad way but as you said a debate. You are correct though they are just opinions. Except what I say, everything I say is fact and I’m always right LMAO

  3. Jean

    When my kids were being bullied or having a hard time making friends I think I used to tell them they were no different than anyone else more than I told them they were unique. But I do believe that while we are all so much like each other, we all live unique lives.

    “At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. saved in drafts

    OOOH this is a deep one Rob! I dont think anyone can be 100% individual…even those who strive to be the opposite as ‘the norm’ will end up like others in the same mindset, but then where genes are concerned…i created my son, apparently he looks like his dad more than me but my husband tells me that he has realised that every funny thing my son does comes from me (because i do them without realising…or have i picked them up from my son??) when you think about it my son has the traits of 2 different people, but the combination of the 2 make him different compared to me and his dad…does the combination make him unique? I mean i sure as hell wont be spawning any kids from his dad again lol. However, even without genes, My husbands laugh has changed, mine has changed, and now our once individual laughs have merged into one laugh for the both of us…
    I think even if genes and DNA started us off as unique, outside influences merge us, we bond, we form connections with likeminded people, being unique is overrated 😉


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