Do You Have Goals?


At some point in everyones life we all have goals to which we want to achieve.  They can be anything from becoming a firefighter, stripper, or policeman to having sex with the hot redhead you went to school with who is now married and living in Texas or becoming a famous sports athelete.  No matter what it is we do our best to believe at some point we will reach those goals.  Depending on our age we either just dream about them then move on or we actively pursue those goals.

For myself I had several goals in life from when I was little to even now at 40 years old.  Some people may give up on their goals for a number of reasons, the most common being because they are continually let down from being prevented from achieving them.  Unfortunately these things do happen but I say never give up on them no matter how many times you have to try or how long it takes even if it takes 20 years to reach them.


My goals in life were simple.  From a very early age I knew I was going to go into the Air Force.  I believe that was in my genetic makeup.  I knew I was going to retire from the Air Force as well.  Originally I had planned to go for 30 years but knee injuries changed that and I retired after 20 years.  During my teen years I had a goal to sleep with as many girls as possible, well I didn’t sleep with all the girls I wanted too but did with several before I got locked into a girlfriend.  After I had my daughter after marriage I wanted a boy, I got him, and then another girl.  I set goals to see as much of the world as I could.  I didn’t get to see all the places I wanted but I did see a lot.  I had a goal for the majority of my marriage to one day be divorced.  After 15 years I finally asked for it and at 16 1/2 it was granted.  Then I fell in love with this redhead living in Texas that I went to school with.  I made it my goal to be with her and I would wait as long as I had to and I did and we are now married.

I now have new goals.  To walk my oldest down the aisle in March, to see my son go off to college this year and someday see him reach his goals, get married, and be successful as well as the same for my oldest and youngest daughter and my two step-children.  I also have a goal to become a federal civilian and I am working on that as we speak.  I have another goal to get out of these ghetto apartments and into a house and I have every intention on reaching that goal as well as paying off everything owed to my ex from when I had no job and in 4 years never worrying about paying her another dime or talking to her every again.

So what goals did you have in life and what are your current goals now?

Goals 3


29 thoughts on “Do You Have Goals?

  1. Shannygirl

    My goal is to NOT have that big house after my kids are grown and gone.. I have no need for a big house for 2 people. My goals and dreams have faded off and I’ve let them die in order to save myself the anger and disgust in knowing I didn’t achieve them. I know you want the world for me but it’s not going to happen. Your ex has made sure of it and even though she has lied and stole the courts agree’d with her and you are locked into it for more then 4 years. Your youngest doesn’t graduate for another 6 yrs and your arrears will take longer then that to repay. I don’t want anything more then the ghetto roach infested apartment because that’s all I’ll get, no matter how hard we work to change it.

    1. The Laughing Duck

      Although this is probably not my place to comment on this , and even though I have not the least experience with what you and your husband has been through but giving forth spirit into goals is alone enough to see the better things. It might seem phony for me to say this, but after reading your comment I just didn’t want to leave without telling you that a simple goal of smiling once a day helps. Then other days you can bash and cry because that’s part of it too.

      1. radaronelson Post author

        That is very true. Goals don’t have to big and grand they can be simple things like not yelliing at a specific person when they make you angry or getting everything done on your to-do list.

      2. Shannygirl

        I do have goals for myself, like letting go of the anger that threatens to overtake me some days, like making sure my kids grow up and never settle for anything less then they deserve. I had a goal to be skinny and I went from 270 (highest weight) to 147. I do have goals. I just refuse to have a goal of material things anymore. It’s just heartbreak to me that add’s to the anger issues.

  2. Kitt Crescendo

    I’ve had all sorts of goals. First it was to be validated in believing I had a talent for writing, specifically, my poetry. Freshman year in high school, they were published. Sophomore year, my goal was to win a lyrics contest to write our school song. I won it. Then my goal was to get back into public school. Junior year, I accomplished that. I’ve had various career goals over the years and succeeded. When I was much younger I didn’t really allow myself the dream of writing a book because that didn’t seem like a feasible goal. I’ve since changed my mind and am in the process of working on making this an actuality.

  3. southernbarbiedoll

    A very good blog 😊 The only goal that made me raise a brow was the divorce one. Thats not usually people’s goals lol; but hey if it works for you and it help you find the woman of your dreams then more power to you!!!

    to finish College and work as a psychiatrist to figure out a serial killer’s brain. To see what triggers their mind and to help with that research. Or go for what I would really want and do make-up.

    To have a truly happy marriage that will last until my last breath.

    To learn how to be friendly to people without coming off sarcastic lol.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Thank you. LOL well she was very controlling and it was very difficult for me to stand up for my self. I do have a goal to finish my college as well. I have a year of on line course left.

  4. ramblingsfromamum

    Our fact our dreams all change with years., What we had a goal for when we were younger, sometimes doesn’t have the significance or bearing as we get older. I am glad your goals have changed. Mine? To be a grandmother, to have my baby girls be happy, to write that I can give people pleasure with my words. To continue to be happy with Mr. S till as long as we live. Your goals have certainly done a ‘turn-about’ for the better I feel 😉


    I’m sort of in a mid-life crisis.I’m so scared, not sure what is ahead in front of me. If there are any goals, my goal is to try to survive and be in a position to take care of the people around me whom I love.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I think we all go through that at some point in our lives. Once we get through it things start to become normal again for us and we start setting those goals again.

  6. Katie

    My current goal is really to excel (read: kick ass) at my new job and start saving more money. I’m feeling really lucky with everything I’ve accomplished lately, so I think those good upcoming goals. And to keep being awesome, but that’s always the main goal.

  7. evilnymphstuff

    My current goal is to study hard this year, since it’ll be my last year in high school… next step I’m going to the university! yeah 🙂 Then my life goal is of course to become a famous writer… and for that, I’ll just have to keep writing!

  8. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey

    Wow, that is a powder keg–ok here goes to learn music so I can compose
    to be a published writer, to have sex again, to be in a soul mate relationship, to be able to quit my current job, to win the lottery, to have my own family to live long enough to see the liberation of all animals and people who suffer at the hands of humans…….not asking for much am I?!!!!


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