The Fan Mail Chronicles….The End?

Well it’s time to end our fan mail so I can move on to other endevours so I hope everyone enjoyed them.  Who knows, maybe there will be more in the future.

Police Report

Officer Davis

Time Of Incident:  10:38am

Male found cuffed to bed, naked, and unconsious but alive from multiple gunshot wounds to the arm, leg, and shoulder.  No other family members present.  Female intruder found lying beside male naked with single gunshot wound to the head.  Gun was placed to the temple.  Intruder rendered victim unconsious then cuffed to bed.  Then shot victim before shooting self.

Reports show female intruder had sent multiple threating letters and had a restraining order against her.  Ambulance called and victim taken to hospital.  Family notified.  Crime scene marked and investigators called.


12 thoughts on “The Fan Mail Chronicles….The End?

  1. Kitt Crescendo

    Ok, your stalker chick chronicles were a bit off… Not gonna lie. So inquiring minds are wondering how the victim didn’t wind up in a murder/suicide as is most common in these situations. Lucky, lucky you…


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