More Fan Mail Chronicles

As we start to come to a close on the Fan Mail Chronicles I thought I would post a couple more before ending and moving on to my next on line series.  Here we have crazy ladies reply to the last mail sent to her.

Dearest Rob

Before you threaten me you may want to take a look at what your wife is doing behind your back with all those other men.  Trust me if I know so much about you, I know a lot more about her.  Now back to us.  I’m sorry to say that is has come to this but you have left me no choice.  No one, not even your wife can do for you what I can but since you won’t accept my invitation I guess I’ll have to force the issue.

As I stated before, If I can’t have you no one can.  So I’ll see YOU later.

Hugs and kisses in all the naughty places,



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