Is It Possible To Be So Clueless?


They say the only stupid question is the question not asked.  Well for the most part that may be true but there are a lot of clueless people out there and you have to just wonder are they really that clueless or are they just playing dumb.  There are times someone will do something or say something that I have to think to myself “there is no way you are that clueless.”

How can you tell someone in 3rd grade instructions how to do something and they look at you like you just explained E=MC2?  Then do it and screw it up.  Seriously.  Or even more simplier, when you eat the last poptart in the box, logic say, hey the box is empty throw it away, so why in the hell would you leave it on the shelf?  God that is so annoying.

I like to think we as a society are pretty smart.  Hell I know some pretty intelligent people but unfortunately I know way too many clueless people who just can’t figure out the common sense rules and they make you wonder how they survive day to day and it gives me pause about were our future is going.  I think that is why they put warnings on items, just for these people.

So please, don’t be one of these people, renew my faith in mankind, use your common sense.  Swollow don’t spit, avoid pregnancy with anal sex, and for God sake, no gerbals in the ass.


12 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Be So Clueless?

  1. Lavinia

    I am clueless when it comes to board games or card games. No matter how much someone is explaining to me, I act as if I am retarded or something. Last time I played something, they actually thought I am trying to cheat. I told them there is smart cheat, when you know the game and the dumb cheat, when you cheat by mistake. I was doing the dumb cheat. I get annoyed too when people don’t get the simplest things. But then I remember me playing games:)))

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Games to me are acceptable. It’s every day common sense things and job related things that have been explained with step by step instructions that get me frustrated.

  2. southernbarbiedoll

    Well I guess for most people its because we dont think before we actually speak. I mean hand me a boon and a math formula then all is well. I can logic things and Im very book smart when I actually apply myself. But I can be clueless on common sence. Its not because Im dumb but because Im not really thinking when I should be. Sometimes I can say something so dingy that makes S/O go WTF seriously!?!?!? But I know useless information thanks to reading useless information books and I tend to remember things more clearly then him.

    I would not say all is seeking attention, I know if I get called dingy by a non friend (even though they never hear my wtf moments because Im not around random people for long) I will get upset. Then I will make that person feel more stupid then they made me feel. But mine is not an everyday thing but when it happens its like damn I should have googled it first before I opened my mouth.

      1. southernbarbiedoll

        Yea. Like most things is because I just dont pay attention. For example I backed out into a post today because I forgot to look back while driving. Well maybe Im just a horrible driver…But catch me on a good day you will never know it, catch me on a bad day you will think blondes are truly dingy. (And no we are not lol)

        The last time I truly said something dumb was a while back and after I was like wow…seriously. But at that time I thought it made sence.

          1. southernbarbiedoll

            Im a blonde and my major is in Psychology. But its just a stereotype. Maybe its more for girls because I sure get jokes and I just laugh because my hair is a dirty blonde I just turn it blonder. So I just smirk and say ‘its from a bottle bitch if you were smart then you can tell what is natrual and what is not.” Also I suck in knowing sports. I am truly clueless because its not my thing…but fashion then I know what Im doing…its also what the person is interested in as well.

            Btw: Congrats to your son

            1. southernbarbiedoll

              But I get what annoys you. I hate how I can show a math formula six times to a person and they are so clueless. Or how I see someone wearing brown with black, or sandles with socks…clueless about how to dress and match.


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