Don’t Be Afraid Of Change


Change for some can be a scary thing.  Others welcome it with no problems.  We experience change all the time.  The biggest issue I have seen with people accepting change is at work and with technology.  Sometimes change can be for the best and other times it can be for the worse.  It all depends on what is changing and why it is being changed.

When at work, with technology advancing as rapidly as it does, things tend to change often, like programs used, computer systems used, etc.  This isn’t always a bad thing but for some they have learned to do their jobs a certain way with a certain system and when that change comes about it freaks them out.  They resist it, complain about it, and do what they can to stop it despite the fact that it may make their job easier.  The organization is always going to do what is best for the them as a whole and one persons complaining won’t change that.  These people can make that change difficult and miserable for their coworkers and not even realize it.


One issue with change though is when you have someone in charge who likes to change things just for the sake of changing it.  They don’t look at if that change will improve anything or make work easier.  A lot of times, these people who want to make these changes are actually making things harder on their people.  Their changes don’t make sense and it creates more work, stress, and can even disregard established guidelines.

It can be difficult to get people like this to understand that making these changes aren’t for the best and chances are they will make them no matter what and you are left dealing with the fall out.  If this happens the best thing to do is accept their changes and when things cool down, propose your own changes that will actually improve the workload and environment.  Since these people like change so much often times they will accept what you propose.  That’s not to say that there aren’t some out there that only want things done their way because there are and unfortunately you just have to deal with them.

So next time your looking to change something, ask yourself if it makes things easier or harder for you before you go head on with your changes.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    I have recently started a new position with my G/F of over 10 years. I have now been there 1 month and our relationship has changed. The technology side isn’t the issue, it’s a matter of how we are in the workplace together (though we did work together many years without a problem) I don’t know if ‘we’ can be saved..time will tell…I wish it was just technology that would be easier to solve 😦

  2. Sue Dreamwalker

    We often resist changes because we fear the unknown……. And yet if we didn’t change everything would stay the same, and be static and stale… So I have learnt to embrace changes for we then allow renewal into our lives…
    The World is evolving and is constantly renewing… We have to change and evolve with it..
    I think we have elected to be here at this time when we will witness many great Earth Changes both in our environment and in our ways of sustaining ourselves… We have to learn to change and go with the flow… Nature never resists she goes with the flow.. and always finds a way to flourish.. …

    Great Post Regards


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