Blacking Out

Blacking Out

If you are a drinker like I am at some point you will have a night or two or three that you don’t remember.  You may tell yourself you hope you can remember at least at some point in time.  Trust me when I say if you blacked out, chances are you don’t want to remember what happened and if you were with someone, they’ll let you know anyway what you don’t remember.

I have several nights that I don’t remember.  I have blogged about them before but I thought they were perfect for this blog to be retold.  I think blacking out is more than your body just saying “Hey you drank a HELL OF A LOT of alcohol”  I believe it’s your bodies way of saying “Dude, I’m fixing to make you do some shit you are not going to want to remember in the morning, TRUST ME!”

The first time I experienced this was when I lived in the dorms at my first base.  Me and my room mate had been partying for a week.  Now when I say a week I mean we started on a Friday, drank till we passed out, woke up ate, started drinking again till we passed out Sun.  Did the same again, went to work Mon, came home drank till 3am, slept, went to work Tues came home drank, so on and so on till Friday night then drank till we passed out Sat.  Woke up ate, drank some more then it happened.  Sometime Sun morning I blacked out.  When I woke up I was lying on the floor, my room mate was on the floor, a chic was in between us and she was blowing me.  I have no idea how we ended up like that and I have no idea what happened and I’m not sure I want to know.

The second time I was in Korea.  I arrived on my birthday.  Me and a buddy decided to go eat and see the town.  We were in Osan.  It was around 3pm.  I ordered a small bottle of so-ju.  Everyone said I had to have my so-ju experience.  I try and think “hmm, this is nothing, it’s like vodka” well so-ju is made from phermeldahide, the stuff they embolm you with.  So that becomes the only drink I order at every bar I go to.  Well, finally at 10:30pm I remember the time because I looked at my watch, I asked the juicy girl what was in the shot she wanted me to buy her.  She said “juice”  I said you want me to pay $5 for a shot of juice?  I don’t think so, if I’m paying that, there will be liquor in it or I’m not buying it”  That is the last thing I remember from that night.  Now let me set up the next day for you.  I had a 7:30am meeting with the group commander to show me around tent city.  I woke up lying on my stomach, with an empty trash can by the bed.  I had no clue where I was.  I’m starting to freak out.  It was 6:30am and I had no idea if I was in a hotel room downtown or on base or where.  Luckily my buddy walked in and I realized we were in our billitting room.  For 3 days I wanted to throw up so bad but couldn’t.  I made it to my appointment on time, the commander never said anything and was nice and showed me around.  I think he expected it.

Then there was after 9-11.  I was on my way to the desert.  We had a stop in UAE.  Again it’s my birthday.  Funny how I always deploy on my birthday.  I’m with several people Im deploying with and my commander.  We are at the bar by the hotel.  They are buying me beers for my birthday.  Needless to say we leave and I’m am toasted.  Me, a buddy, and another chic we are deploying with go back to her room.  We have like 2 hrs before we have to meet the taxi to get to our plane for the rest of the trip.  I decide I need to to go to my room to shower and have my buddy help me find it because that damn hotel was a circle.  Literally the halls were a circle and very confusing especially drunk.  Well I made it but after awhile I got worried I would pass out and miss the taxi so I thought I’ll go back to my buddies room so I can make sure I make it to the taxi on time.  Why I thought I could find it when I couldn’t find my own room I don’t know.  Well I didn’t find it and I thought I sat on a bench in the hallway and didn’t remember anything else till I woke up, looked at my watch, saw it was 5:30 and bolted.  Only I ran out a door into the hallway, to the elevator, to the taxi but everone had already left.  DAMN.  Luckily they left me a taxi and it met their taxi at the base and I jumped in with them. Well in my rush I forgot to pay for my hotel room.  Oops.  They asked where I was.  Well I remembered running out of the room into the hallway so I said my room.  My commander said I was not.  They had the manager open my room and I wasn’t there.  Damn.  Who’s room was I in?  I do not know and still can not remember.

So those are my stories of blacking out.  Do you have any blacking out stories?  If not and you drink I’m telling you now at some point you will, trust me.


28 thoughts on “Blacking Out

  1. belovedahava

    I blacked out once that I remember for sure. There I was with Jello shots in my pocket, dancing with and kissing some guy and his wife, and next thing I remember, I was waking up from a nap, soaking wet, in the shower at my parents house. It was like, 6am, my parents were sitting on the sofa, when I walked out of the bathroom they cracked up, and asked if the water had finally gotten cold. They still won’t tell me how I got home.

  2. sakuraandme

    I went to Bali and drank a similar juice they make there. I think they call it jungle juice? I’m a bourbon girl from way back, but what the hell! Big mistake…I woke up in MY own bed in the hotel room with a guy giving it to me. He was being gentle, but what the????
    I had just recently moved in with my now husband. OMG! I thought! What now…Guilt took a hold of me and I confessed when I came home. That wasn’t easy to do!! So, bourbon girl is what I stay!! Lol hugs Paula x

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Sounds like it was a fun night none the less, despite the guilt the next day. I hope you at least finished when you woke up to him giving it to you and didn’t stop.


    seems like in your prime years, you have been in the army and with the government cutting down on defense spending,more of your peers may have to leave the army earlier, I ever get drunk before, drunk to the extent that I vomited, not a fun feeling, haven’t experienced that blackout feeling yet, unless someone tries to knock me into unconscious ! too much of such blackout is a damage to health in the long run!

  4. Lavinia

    I am a very expensive drinker, meaning I need to drink a lot, in order to start getting dizzy. I usually don’t get really wasted but a few times, I accidentally had some tequila shots and those nights are gone from my memory. For example, after one of those nights, I woke up and went to the bathroom and when getting out of the bathroom I saw a good friend (a guy) in my hallway, putting his shoes on. I freaked out and started screaming, I wasn’t aware he spent the night at my place. He was like: chill, I took you home and spent the night here, I wanted to make sure you are ok, you were really wasted. I see you are ok now, so I go home, my girlfriend is waiting for me. Apparently, he did this with his girlfriend’s approval, she was with us too :))

    1. radaronelson Post author

      So am I. It takes a lot to get me drunk. I mean a lot. I can sit for 5 hours and drink crown and cokes and barely have a buzz. So if I blacked out I drank enough to kill a normal person. Tequila is the one drink I don’t do. It turns my stomach.

  5. saved in drafts

    I got kicked out of a church bbq once when i was 16…unfortunately i remember everything, it was my friend who luckily blacked it out while i had to make up an excuse as to how we were in such a state. One of the many times i wish i could forget lol

  6. bigbuttbitch

    Haha..I never blacked out… My favorite drunk time was at some chicks sweet 16 it was so fucking boring and so i drank some vodka got on the dance floor and become queen of the night!!! I was young girl back then, but my mom pretended like it didnt happen.. :/

  7. betunada

    yeah i have and i’m NOT going to talk, much, about it. IT’S NEAT THAT YOU ARE A FAN OF DESPAIR.COM. top-rankin’ general!
    didja read (i think you did) my post “oh my god, we killed pablo!” (sumthin like that. too ooo ooo mooocho tekilya …

  8. Kitt Crescendo

    Rob, I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you at all to know I’m too much a control freak to get really drunk, much less black out. I will say that “I don’t remember doing that” was once an excuse my best friend’s sister gave her after she made a pass at her then fiancé…now husband. She’s more forgiving than me. Her sister still stood up at her wedding. If it had been my sister doing that to my fiancé at a party in front of my friends using alcohol for the excuse…they’d have had to surgically remove her teeth from the back of her throat…where I put them. 😉

    1. radaronelson Post author

      LOL…… taks a lot to get me drunk and I mean a lot. I can drink liquor straight for 5 hours and just have a buzz if i’m pacing so if I blacked out you know I drank enough to kill a normal person.

      1. Kitt Crescendo

        LOL! I hung out with my gay best friend who’s idea of casual drinks were long island iced teas and shots of alien secretions, surfers on acid, etc… (my tolerance is surprisingly high for someone who doesn’t drink too much) 😉 I think you can guess who I was with the 2 times I was buzzed…and why I was comfortable/feeling safe enough to do so. Those guys were soooo not interested in me. 😀


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