Achievement.  Everyone strives for it but how do you get it?  People say, with hard work and an education and you can achieve whatever you want.  Well that isn’t always true.  Now, as the picture above shows however, you can do anything, when you have an endless supply of expendable labor.

This has been true throughout time from the time of the Egyptians when they built the pyramids to today’s business tycoons.  It took someone with a vision, determination, and a bunch of labor to make their dreams come true.  Today’s sucessful business men know this all too well just as the acient Egyptians did.

Granted the Egyptians used slave labor and business owners use cheap labor but the concept is the same.  Today, people get to the top on the backs of others.  They captialize on the ideas and products of others, that’s how they rise to the top.  Now a lot of times though, they will forget about those who got them to where they are which can make them hated for what they have.  But I promise as I rise in fame, I will not forget all the little people I stepped on to get to the top.


9 thoughts on “Achievement

  1. sakuraandme

    If you can remember this you will be a very special person. People I know with money…unfortunately have a tendency to forget this! have a great day/night? Hugs Paula xx


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