Star Wars Extreme

ArrestedI can say I have been a fan of Star Wars ever since I was a kid.  Between Star Wars and Star Trek I was just facinated with the procespect of going to other worlds meeting other alien races and traveling through space.  I took every opportunity I could to buy every Star Wars toy I could whenever I had money and when it was my birthday or Christmas, something Star Wars was always on my list.  I would disappear for hours on Christmas Day after getting my Star Wars figures and vehicles.  I was truly excited about my Star Wars toys.

Copy of Star Wars DaycareWhen I was a kid I saw all three movies in the theaters and I was excited as an adult when the prequals were being made and ensured that I saw all three in theaters as well.  There was a lot of flack about the prequels and certain characters in it like Jar-Jar Binks but me personally being a fan a true fan of Star Wars I was estatic just to see the movies.  Especially to see how Anakin became Darth Vader.  That moment at the end of episode III when he took his first breath in the suit and said his first word were totally awesome.

Copy of Star Wars Girls 2So when I had kids I was excited to have an excuse to play with my Star Wars toys again.  I played with them with my oldest daughter and then when my son was old enough I would play with them with the both of them.  My youngest daughter would never really play with them but that was okay.  When my oldest outgrew them I still had my son to play Star Wars with.  When I divorced their mother I gave all my Star Wars toys to my son.  So he now had all of mine plus all the ones I bought him to play with and to hold on to, so one say when he has kids he can pass them on to his kids like I did him.  I don’t think George Lucas ever imagined the imact he would have on so many children and adults alike when he decided to make these movies but it has truly effected so many lives and brought joy to so many children and adults.

Copy of Star Wars Girls 3Now, as I said I am a huge fan but with that said I can honestly say I have never gone to a Star Wars convention or dressed up as a charactor from Star Wars.  I think that’s great for those who do, to each his own, but for me that’s a little extreme.  Would I go to a convention if I had the opportunity?  Maybe but the only way I’m dressing up as a charactor is if I’m role playing with my wife and she’s dressed in the Lea Slave Outfit.  I’ll be Han Solo cause he was the coolest.  Other than that sorry not going to happen.  I see these people going to these conventions all dressed up and have to wonder if they have a life outside of Star Wars.  Seriously, I love Star Wars but it’s not my life.  My life doesn’t revolve around it.  To me that is taking things a little out of hand personally.

Copy of Star Wars Girls 4Now I know that Star Wars isn’t the only phenomenom that people dress up for.  Star Trek has it’s equal share of freaks who dress up and go out in public as a charactor from the shows and movies as well as Avatar, predator, comics, and other sci-fi movies.  There are always going to be those who take things to the extreme.  Hell if my wife dressed up as a Klingon woman one night for role-play i wouldn’t complain, aside from their teeth, those klingon women are hot.  But going out in public?  I have never understood that facination.  How could someone go in public dressed like that, it not be Halloween and not feel stupid?  I just don’t get it.  Maybe it’s just me though.


Imperial WalkerNow that Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise and J.J. Abrams has signed on to direct Star Wars VII you know the freaks are going to be coming out of hiding yet again.  Yes, I will be in line at the theater to see it.  I have seen all 6 movies in the theater I will not miss seeing any of the sequals too.  I will be there in the packed theater, excited as a kid to see character from Star Wars come back to life.  There will be, of course, new toys coming out, unfortunately I have not kids young enough to buy them for that will play with them, but maybe, just maybe, my grandkids will get to collect them and one day my son will be buying them for his kids as he passes down the ones I gave him and the ones he collected when he was a kid to his children.


So, here is a tribute to all you Star Wars fans out there.  The ones who like to dress up as a charactor from the movies and the ones who don’t.  I hope you enjoy.



Star Wars Girls


Star Wars Girls 5




Stormtrooper 2


Those Were The Droids


7 thoughts on “Star Wars Extreme

  1. amadiex

    Star Wars will aways be a timeless classic! Like you I enjoy the fact the new ones are being made. I do have to say I get a kick out of people dressing up to go to movies…there is something to be said about sitting next to a storm trooper eating popcorn!

  2. saved in drafts

    I wont jump in and say I have only seen one and a half star wars movies….oh look i said it anyway. Its possible that my mind imploded during the first viewing and thats why i only managed half of the next one….but i dont quite know. I almost wish there was SOMETHING like this that I was into enough to want to collect stuff etc but I think ive trained myself not to seeing as i have a habit of hoarding clutter as it is (not like an actual hoarder). My 4 yr old is obsessed with jurrasic park though if thats any consolation? (I cant spell)


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