My Poor Steelers


Unlike most Dallas fans who like to switch teams when the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs, I stay true to my team.  Sure I’ll root for a specific team during the Super Bowl like I hope the Ravens LOSE because they are our rivals but I am still a steelers fan thru and thru.

Baby SteelerI was born a steelers fan.  I started watching them when I was 5.  It was 1977 and I knew this team would have more super bowl rings than any other team one day and I was right.  Since then I have ensured that I have done everything I could to support my team, I have even had the help of my wife and kids through the gifts they have given me.  I have steelers stickers, on my car, Steelers Stearing Wheel cover, Steelers hanging football for the rear view mirror.  I have Steelers drink coasters, 2 Steelers jerseys, 2 Steelers super bowl terrible towels, a Steelers blanket, Steelers wallet, 2 Steelers jacket (one of which shows 5 of the 6 super bowls they have won), a Steelers alcohol drinking glass, Steelers shot glass, Steelers plate for the car, and a Steelers tattoo.

BettisI was disappointed when Bill Cowher stopped coaching and Bettis retired but they have proven as a team they can still be a formidle foe despite the loss.  The past two years have been tough years plagued with injuries.  Troy Polamalu has been out numerous times as well as Ben Rothensburger.  I believe it’s these injuries that have kept us from making it all the way.  Granted Ben made it back in at the end but with a bad throw at the end of a critical game needed to win to move on to the play offs, it was just too late for them them this year.  If they can keep everyone safe and healed up I know next year will be a much better year.

Steeler Babe 2With that said I do think Ben’s days may be numbered.  Yes he is still young yet for a quarterback but being plagued with injuries these past few years he just isn’t playing up to what he used too.  I can truly see them hiring a new quarterback, running him as a 1st string for a few years then moving him up as the starting quarterback and moving Ben down.  I know there will be a lot of resistance for this move but you gotta look at what’s best for the team and what’s going to get us back to the Super Bowl and get us that 7th ring.  Hopefully, next season he can turn things around and show he’s still got several years in him and that move can be delayed.  I do like Big Ben, he is a great quarterback.  I guess only time will tell.

So, yes another season is over for the steelers but I have faith in my team that next season will be the season we go all the way and bring home number 7.  Who knows we may even beat out the Redskins in the process.  After years of horrible playing this season, a new quarterback, a new coach, they did outstanding work to get where they did and could very well be losing to steelers next season.

Steeler Hotties


3 thoughts on “My Poor Steelers

  1. Shannygirl

    Ordinarily I would say you won’t beat out us out.. but seeing as how our stupid ass fucktard coach possibly ruined our star player… I’m guessing now you’ll be able too…


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