Love, Money, Sex?

Yep you guessed it. It’s that time again for another guest celebrity blogger. Tonights guest post comes from none other than the famous Paula from depressionexists and let me tell you, she has an awesome blog you don’t want to miss. As her blog implies, depress does exist. I am a testament to that. She’s a funny gal, if you can’t tell by the verbal ejaculations she has left on my page so check her blog out. I dare you.

Love Money, Sex?

Hi! I’m Paula from Depression Exists, and Robert has invited me to share some thoughts with his readers. He has been good enough to give me free reign to write about whatever I please.  After mulling it over and thinking about the big issues in life, I came up with some thoughts on three of the larger facets of living a good life, and thought I would share them with you.  So, here goes!

Love, Money or Sex? These three facets of life compete and interact at so many levels. Today, I am going to talk a little about how I think they work.

Let’s talk about Love first!

Love is a feeling and an emotion that we need in our day to day lives. Without this emotion, we are all just lost souls, empty automaton robots waiting for someone to come along and make us feel again. Love has no prejudices. Love is light and pure. And it’s unconditional. Do you remember feeling that way?

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it does not come back, it was never meant to be.

I never really understood the meaning of this. As a young girl I loved everything and everyone but at times I think that my love was interpreted incorrectly.

True love is patient and kind. It doesn’t judge, or hold any prejudice or preference or racism of any kind. To Love someone like this is like breathing in fresh air for the first time. Your stomach is filled with butterflies and your mind races with thoughts of Love. It can be as simple as when you see someone gorgeous on a bus or train and they look at you and smile. Your heart flutters. You only connected with them for a millisecond, but for some reason that’s all it took to make you feel good. You go your separate ways but for some reason they don’t leave your mind for ages. Why is this?? How can desire be so powerful?

Love feels like you’re floating and nothing else in the world exists. It is just the two of you.

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Remember your first kiss? However many moons ago, you never forget that feeling. How is that possible? At the time you profess undying love for one another, only to discover a few weeks down the track that your affections have wandered to another being. Only this time you REALLY mean it! Truth mum, he/she really is The One! I know it to be, 100%!  Lol J  Wow, the number of times I fell in love while growing up, or what I perceived to be love, was countless.

I remember being in a group of girls and one of them asking who had been French kissed by a boy. Seeing all the girls put their hands up, I didn’t want to feel like the odd bod, so I lied and put mine up too!  Oh My Gosh I thought!!  Why am I lying?  Listening intently to the details that followed, I started to panic about what I would say. Thankfully, the girl that initiated it was the one to get bored by what she heard. Once the shock factor wore off, so did the conversation!  The thing that stuck with me was how disgusting it sounded how some boys shove their tongues so far down your throat that you feel like you are going to be sick.  Secretly, I remember thinking I don’t think I ever want to do this!!

I had a sleep over at a friends and she said, “you haven’t really French kissed a boy, have you?” Yes, I have. “No you haven’t” she insists. Okay, please promise you won’t tell the other girls?… “Agree”!!

I had my first lesson that night – not with a boy – with a pillow! 🙂 I felt stupid but was determined to be like the other girls. I was only 12!!  By 13 I was practicing on my arm and by the end of that year… on a girl! I know that sounds inappropriate, but we were all just kids experimenting!

Needless to say, I worked this one out for myself and stayed away from the men that wanted to check my tonsils out!!  Yes guys, you can take that tongue thing just a little too far sometimes. Slow down, our male species, and let us teach you a little love and patience! 🙂

Love has no boundaries.

Love makes us feel whole!  You want that special person to hold you and never let you go! Love is as endless as the ocean! Don’t run from love because you never know what might have been!

Money!! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

Okay this one sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it? Wrong!!


Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Money can give you the freedom to make choices and surround yourself with material things that you think make a difference in your life! It’s a commodity that we can’t live without. Even if you say that you are not materialistic, you will still need money to survive. A lack of money brings out some of the worst in us. Men, the instinctual providers, suffer greatly at a lack of self esteem if they are unable to support themselves and/or their family.  He can often feel like a failure and depression can be lurking not far behind.

Money is not evil, but it is an evil temptress. It can change people, making them lose sight of their priorities.  What is simple and meaningful can often be overlooked for New and Shiny. Simple and Meaningful can be dismissed with a flippant “oh, thanks for that”  and not given a second thought. Not a healthy attitude.

Money can make us forget what it is we really want in life.

We all have heard that money doesn’t buy happiness. Because it’s true!

But it does buy Sex!!

Why do men pay for sex? Just because we aren’t having sex with them does it mean they have a right to go and pay for it?

Morally, no. But morals are all out the window when a man’s needs are not being met.


SEX (Photo credit: je@n)

As a woman, I think females often don’t understand this base need. Why do we do this? We once desired them so much we couldn’t keep our hands off them. Then life meanders along, with school, lunches, dinner, work, children, housework etc, etc, etc! And we forget to stop and embrace the one we love. So, should he continue to be pushed away night after night? Neglect is not healthy for any red blooded male. Why would he not want to go pay someone for a little attention and reinforcement of his self-worth and attractiveness?

Perhaps I am mistaken.  But, if you don’t want him, then why are you with him? He’s not paying her for her love he’s paying her for her body. He wants love and affection from you. However, if you no longer want to be intimate with him, why should it matter if he finds the affection somewhere else??

Okay, so these are just my views. At the end of the day, we need our Loves as much as they need us. By asking him to not desire you, well, let’s just say that’s as good as taking away his remote control!! Lol 🙂 He wants you more than you can imagine!!

Seriously, if affection is lacking then why stayed married? Convenience is the wrong answer. Sex is beautiful and brings us closer to those we love. Come on, don’t you remember when you first met him and the wild passionate sex you had? Oh yeah! I think you remember! So you may be thinking that things change? And they do. But does that mean you know longer want to feel that intimacy? Why rob yourself of that??

So feel that intimacy again. Washing and dishes can wait! Your man can’t!  Take the plunge and try to get back those feelings you once had for each other. Sex should be free. He doesn’t want to pay for it, but sometimes, maybe, he’s left with no choice.

Thanks Robert for having me on your site! I hope I haven’t shocked too many of my fellow bloggers by being so open! It was all meant in good fun!!

Now, if you are lucky enough to have all three of these things – love, money and sex??   Then I applaud you.

So, which one do you think is the most important?

Hugs to you all  ……Paula xx

18 thoughts on “Love, Money, Sex?

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    What a great blog Paula – hats off to you!! Thank you Rades for letting her be your guest.
    Love – I have – Money – I have to be comfortable – Sex – I have, but not the slam against the wall kind (well ok sometimes) but sex doesn’t always have to be about the ‘act’ as you get older. Sex like love in your older years can be as simple as walking hand in hand, or a kiss or a cuddle after a long day. The feelings are still there it’s usually a tiredness factor or in my case a blogging too long factor that by the time I go to bed Mr. S is snoring! 🙂 Excellently written and very good prospective luvey – enjoyed. 🙂 xx

  2. Maxima

    Briliant post when it comes sexs and when it comes to saxes what my good friend said . Last night, I am able to – he he only did I – what I had 🙂 Have nice day

  3. Jean

    Love comes in many forms, but back tenfold after being given. I wish I could say that about money — I’d be rich after taxes, eh? As a woman, I definitely understand the base need of sex, and disagree with that statement. I would not live without sex in one form or another. That’s all I’m sayin.’ 🙂

  4. Shannygirl

    Love is over rated.. money is never enough and sex.. well sometimes it’s great.. sometimes it’s not.. and sometimes it’s non existent… At this point in my life.. I’d seriously say I’d rather have money…

  5. seeker

    Well, let me think about this for a minute without the “d” word. I get plenty of love, some money, and sex is just a three letter word. Good Morning, Paula. 😀

  6. Irish Katie

    Ok … why am I not getting notices about your posts?!?!?!

    Love. Money. Sex.

    Love – I take it you are talking romantic love yes? Anyway, I love the idea of love. I want to fall in love. I have been in love. And I hope I will find it again one day. At the moment … I am getting used to loving myself again.

    Money – Am I rich? Nope. Poor? *shakes head* … not that either. I would say I am comfortable. I do well enough with the $ I bring in from work … plus I had some savings put aside. Does it make you happy? Do you need it to live? I guess my view on it is that one needs to treat finances like most things in life…with care and respect, regardless of what you have. I am mindful that I am lucky where I am … and I try to impart some of that on the child.

    Sex – Ahhh … let me search my memory. hahaha… just kidding. But, it does seem that when I look back on things, when I go into bouts of depression .. that is when all interest for sex leaves me. As I have mentioned before … I am feeling better these days. As such, my interest in it peeks out too. Ok … not so much that I am bedding someone every day (nor any day really…sheesh) … but the odd photo now and then of some hunky man does catch my attention lol.

    Good Guest Post Paula. *claps*

  7. Lavinia

    First of all, depression does exist, I have just recovered from a very ugly one. Second of all, you are so right about the money. I live in Romania, where poverty is increasing and I am watching a whole generation of young people not having/losing purpose, in their hunt for money. Here, young people’s wildest dreams consist in material things only nowadays, it is so sad. As for sex, I know what you mean, I look at my married friends all tired of having sex because they say they have so many daily problems, they can’t think of sex anymore. And I always give them this advice: Girl, in hard times, we need to have hard sex:))))


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