New HighI just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone for viewing my blog.  I couldn’t believe it when I logged in and found that I had 960 views for the day.  I immediately when to Fressly Pressed to see if something had been but I was unable to find any of my posts which means for some odd reason people decided to view my page.  So again thank you to everyone for viewing my blogs.


10 thoughts on “Wow

  1. ekisjan

    Don’t flatter yourself… we are all a bunch of sick masochists that loves to see people suffer. And now you are “IT”. Just kidding! 🙂 We still love you. In one day you have managed to do what my blog could not even do in a year. Well done. But I think the stalker ed you provide on this blog might have something to do with your number of views.

  2. saved in drafts

    just dont forget the little people eh? *nudge nudge* ha ha well done Rob, I wonder what it was in particular that caused the – very welcome- surge, in one day…lets hope they come back today too and start following 🙂


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