The Fan Mail Chronicles Cont.

As you can see the psychi chick has gotten way out of hand.  This will have to stop and stop soon.


Dear Crazy Lady

This needs to stop now.  You have crossed the line.  No one makes threats against my wife nor hinting at stealing her child.  Now I don’t know what your problem it but it neds to stop.  I don’t want you, I have no plans to ever be with you, I don’t care how many times you talk about masturbating and how wet you are and what toys you used.

If you actually do something to any of my family, I will hunt you down and kill you.  Stay away from me, I am really sick and tired of it, of all the e-mails with threats.  This sort of behavior will not be tolerated.  Police are now permanetly watching my place to ensure you can not get it.  I would appreciate it if you just moved on.


Rob Nelson


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