The Fan Mail Chronicles

As we continue with our fan mail back-and-forth we see that my wife wasn’t too happy about the things said and after reading the latest fan mail letter from our psycho lady, don’t think it’s going to make her smile that much more either.


My Dearest Rob,

I am only just beginning to understand the madness and chaos in which you live your daily life.  Such un ladylike behavior coming from your wife.  Her threats are amusing at best. But me thinks she doth protest too much.  She is your number one true fan?!!!  Hmnnn.  well, it’s usually the crazy ones like her who project themselves onto the behavior of others that have something to hide.  Does she have something to hide?  I think she does.  My dearest Rob, you really need to be more aware of what is going on around you.

What am I speaking of?  Well, you see while your “dear wife” is professing her love and devotion to you  she is merely pissing on you like a cat marking her territory.

I was hoping that we could just start our wonderful journey together without it coming to this but the rantings of your wife really leave me no option. You see my dear while she is denying you the fruits that I have to offer you  do you know where she has been eaing? What am I talking about?

Why don’t you ask her about all that “community service” that she has been doing.  You see, she really doesn’t love you. No, it’s all about power and control.  But let her go so you and I can be together…I promise you, you will be very happy you did.

Oh and by the way, why does your young daughter walk by herself home from school?  You really should be more careful—there are so many crazy people out in the world you know.

Your Calli baby….


9 thoughts on “The Fan Mail Chronicles

  1. ramblingsfromamum

    and if your wife does not give you what you need, I am here. My pleasure will be giving you pleasure …that’s all I need that is all YOU will ever need!

    ok I couldn’t resist!

    this could go on forever it seems 🙂

  2. Bad Penny

    Wow… popularity isn’t what it’s cracked up to be is it? Nice to be loved, but wow that is overkill at it’s finest. Oh… and I’m pretty sure the person’s a man. No woman could be so rational in her insanity. -giggles- And he probably lives in his mom’s basement. Just sayin…


  3. ekisjan

    Guns n ammo…. Guns n ammo… I do hope you see the snse in getting some for this chick…. Hmmmm… Would you like some lead salad to help with your insanity?… (copyright)


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