The Grass Is Browner On The Other Side

Well, the time has come.  That dreaded day is here.  Tonight is my last night at work.  When I get off shift tomorrow at 6am I will be officially unemployed.  Not by choice mind you.  Unfortunately I am just a victim of circumstance.  My contract I was on has run out.  I have been trying for the past year to find a new job and to no avail.  Unfortunately with a shitty economy and fiscal cliff issues and the fact that a lot of federal jobs are direct hiring people who have their VA disability complete (VA has been sitting on mine for 2 yrs now and still waiting) I am left in the cold, despite my resume, qualifications, certifications, and Top Secret clearance.

So what does this mean?  My arrears for Child Support and Alimony will stack up.  No purchasing of alcohol, movies, or anything off Amazon and if you know me, you know these are my Achilles heel.  My God the possibility of going 6 months or more without those things, I don’t know if I can take it.  I may end up robbing someone or prostituting myself out for money.  This also means my wife’s anxieties are skyrocketing.  How do we pay for rent?  How do we buy Groceries?  How do we pay my car note?  How do we pay our electricity?  How do we pay any of our bills?  We are alone here and it sucks.  My depression medicine had been working but I fear after tomorrow my depression may get to be too much even for my medicine.

I am still holding out hope that one of the thousands of jobs that I applied for that I haven’t heard back from yet will call me and hire me.  I have to have that hope.  If I don’t have hope, I have nothing to keep me going, to keep me positive and no one is going to want to be around me if am not positive, trust me.

So here’s to the start of a new year, with no job, no money, and no prospects.  Woohooooooo.  So say a prayer to God, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Satan, the Penis Gods, or whoever it is you pray to that something comes my way quickly.  If you don’t pray well spread the word, I’m looking for anything in IT, COMSEC, or Management.  Those are the biggies.  Outside of that I’ll do acting, modeling or anything to make money till I can get something I am qualified for.  Oh and yes I am considering the amateur stand up comedy at the local clubs as it was suggested till something else comes along.




30 thoughts on “The Grass Is Browner On The Other Side

  1. ekisjan

    This sucks hairy balls. Sorry that I don’t sugar coat it for you, but I hope you get something soon. And I know this sounds easier said than done, but try your utmost best to not wallow in self pity too much (if you find yourself there). You still have a wife/family that needs you to be da MAN!

  2. ramblingsfromamum

    I guess you have already done this, but have you done a door knock in your local area? Even if you have to work in a grocery store, or a car wash or the like..anything that means your self esteem won’t plummet further? Have you tried employment agencies and put your name down at every one for them to hunt for jobs for you? We all have our fingers crossed that something/anything will come soon. I know how disheartening it is not to even hear back. Perhaps phone them after a few days of sending of your CV? “Just checking to see if you have received… do you know when interviews will commence”? That sort of thing. Look you probably have done all of the this..but I’m throwing my 2 bobs worth out there… in the hope. 🙂 Stand tall Rades, stand tall 🙂 x

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Yea i have. Most of them tell me I’m over qualified. I do call back but the ones I’m still waiting on they haven’t got to the decision making phase yet of who they want to interview. I appreciate the thoughts.

      1. ramblingsfromamum

        Not a problem mate – for those that are still undecided – PUSH YOURSELF more. When will that be – you can see my qualifications – what are you looking for? I am qualified. When I have gone down the finding a job phase on my life, I have told them, look I need this job, hire me for 2 weeks without pay..let me prove myself to you. To them you are an unknown entity and employers are scared to take risks. You need to be a bit more forthright …they who yell the loudest..(or pester) get heard…. your welcome.

  3. Sue Dreamwalker

    I faced redundancy 3 times, and each time it sucks, but each time it turned around for me a chapter in my life that I needed to follow..
    Try turning your thought process around and draw to you the Positives not the negatives… And once you look upon those bright aspects you will draw them too you… Once you learn to let go of the old conditioned thoughts that turn us into Zombies we then start to attract the prospects to us by our way of Thinking..
    You do not know the POWER you hold within your THOUGHTS… use them and visualise a future that you want to live..
    If at the moment you are undecided as to your future, the Cosmos will reflect that back at you.. If you ‘Want’ something all the time the Universe gives you your wishes and will leave you ‘Wanting’ ..
    ‘The Secret’ is in How we Think.. How we perceive,… and once we understand the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect… We then create by our thoughts and attract to us the opportunities and doors to open

    Sending you some Positive Vibes that ALL is Well in your World..
    ( and thank you for dropping by my Blog )
    Sue ~Dreamwalker

  4. redpilloutlaw

    Hey there,
    First off, kudos for your transparency. Being laid off was one of the toughest experiences I’ve had, because like you, it was clear it was beyond my control. Second to that, being unemployed during the recession is demoralizing, upsetting, frustrating, depressing and scratch-your-head confusing. I’ve been unemployed in a manner for 4 years. I have worked since I was 15, doing it all, then partially worked in corp America for over 10 years (going to age myself here). Headhunters and temp agencies basically told me I was over over qualified and that what I do is mostly going over seas now. :-[ It reads lie a dead end. However, this time also forced me to get creative around producing income, I have in a way that is completely out of the box, and it is hard. I’m very poor, but I can pay my basic bills, so I am grateful. You may have to step outside the box of how employed looks. But, many blessings for you and your family. I know, it’s really, really, tough. And I believe you’ve tried it all, cuz I had. All the best. xo

  5. sakuraandme

    Super hugs to you both… This would be a really stressful time. Don’t let Depression rear its ugly head! Easier said than done…. I know!
    Try not to be too hard on yourself! As long as your doing everything you can…what else can anyone want from you. My fingers and toes are crossed for that job to come along!! …..Paula xx

  6. eggstacee

    I have a friend, kind of like a head hunter/recruiter. Get in touch with me and I can either introduce you or get a line on possibilities in your neck of the woods (he is nation wide) I hate to hear you’re stessed over something so vital. Hope this helps.

  7. betunada

    don’t know what to say, dude … i quit a job in late 2007, had 3 months of absolute heck (was in a group with two of the uttermost psychos i’ve ever had the displeasure of acquaintanceship) (on a positive note, i will go to the cemetery to PISSS on the grave of one of them soon!) — but, pretty much unexpected, did get a better? job with the former employer a year+ later.
    my experiences: DON’T do the headhunter things (except do check out ‘eggstacee’s’ contact).
    there’s a lotta work in the oil fields of north dakota! i personally know a few dozen people here in w. colorawdough who commute there half or 3/4’s of each month.
    tough being away from family …
    i suspect/expect you’ll …. ultimately …. triumph.

    1. betunada

      i should-a said (wrote) this yesssterday, but: it’s obvious you’ve got some talents. YOU WRITE, A LOT. YOU WRITE WELL (usually, (“usually” is a bunch more often than i write “well”!).
      you write frequently. not only could you be a waitress, you could be a reporter, an investigative sort, a travel/whatever writer. i’m jes’ tossin’ this out, but that’s why you have a goodly amount of “followers” and interaction here. and not that it’ll help, but you have a few dozen (me-guesses) from WP about your writing, wit, insight, etc.

  8. Kitt Crescendo

    I wish I had the contacts and/or resources to help you guys. I know the anxiety that can come with the loss of job, especially when you’re the primary breadwinner for the household. I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. heartflow2013

    I know… I’m in a similar situation, only my wife and I started reducing our overhead about three years ago so we are (almost) able to “make ends meet” with my bit of unemployment benefits and her early retirement social security… We just now re-adjusted our grocery spending to bare essentials. In any case, it is so true that a positive attitude and being grateful for what we have keeps us in a good place inside and together. Life is very mysterious!
    Many good thoughts to both of you!

  10. i mayfly

    Good luck with the job search. In this economy I know its more than hard. My son has been looking forever. Part time contract without benefits seems to be the only offers coming his way. It can really eat away at his confidence. Wish I had magic beans I could share with you both. Words of hope and encouragement instead. Hope that helps. -Nikki


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