The Fan Mail Saga Continues…da da da

So tonight we have another fake reply to the psycho chick only this time I felt under normal circumstances the spouse would probably be the one to reply.  So this is what I came up with as a fake reply from my wife.



Listen to me you nasty ass, psycho stalking, whore!  Take your filthy, stank ass pussy and go to Hell and leave my husband alone.  He as told you more than once not to contact him.  It was not I who made him do this either.  As for me, you want to threaten my life, bring your skank ass down here and try you cum sucking cunt.  I will beat the living fuck out of you then call the cops on you for violating the no contact order and for the attempted murder of me and the planning of that murder.

With the exception of your cum stained hooker panties we have saved everything you sent as evidence to give to the police, to include your DNA.  You remember the DNA you sent right?  The blood on the cloth from when you were on the rag?  Yea they will know who you are and where you live in no time.

My husband does not give a shit about you masturbating with your toys, nor does he want to fuck you.  You threaten him, me, or anyone else we know again it will be the last threat you ever make and the only thing your gonna feel deep inside you is my foot up your fucking ass.


Robert’s True love and Real Number 1 Fan

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