A Rebuttal To The Penis Complex

Okay so we have a rebuttal to my blog about the Penis being the number 1 sexual organ.  That’s cool, I’m always open to a good debate, even when I know I’m right.  So my lovely, wonderful, wife, Shannon from Shanpagne All Around decided to write up her version of what she thinks is the number 1 sexual organ.  So here, for your reading pleasure is her rebuttal post on the number 1 sexual organ, enjoy.

So you’ve read the blog my wonderfully sexually perverted husband wrote on the almighty penis and how it the number one sexual organ ever.  He even stated that it’s shaped like the number one when erect….  Hmmm… seems to me I’ve seen more then one that had a curve to it, therefore most definitely not making it shaped like a number 1.  Those just kinda look like banana’s to me..  so I guess that makes the owners no more then monkeys?  Right?  Ha!  I thought so…

English: I took this photo myself, of my strap...

English: I took this photo myself, of my strap-on dildo, cleaned up the image myself with GIMP, and release it under the GFDL license. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have to give Robert props for trying to “convince” the world that the dick is the shit!  I mean I will admit it, that woman he “Will not name” who said they’d like to be the invader instead of the invaded… that was me.  I have penis envy.  I’d like to know what it feels like to have all that blood rushing to a part of my body, making it expand in size and becoming super sensitive.  Yeah, we women have that with our clits.. but that’s not the same.  I’d truly like to know how it feels to have said member (already throbbing with blood) slide into a warm moist tight area contracting on it to the point of driving me crazy…what woman wouldn’t?  I mean for women there are times we’ve had to go, is it even in yet?  And NO, not because we are all stretched out and loose but because the man with the member had no clue on how to use it!  Men however will always feel it.  Lucky bastards.

So what to me then is the number 1 sexual organ?  Is it the pussy itself?  Well, as great as that is (especially mine! Hey, if he can brag about his then damn it I can too.  My shit is tight as a drum.. no babies have been pushed through there and I do the Kiegels religiously.  In fact my shit’s so good and tight it drives him crazy when I clinch down on his dick cause feels every clinch!)  it’s not the number 1 sexual organ.  Is it the breast/nipples?  Well, they are super sensitive and when licked/nibbled and played with correctly can help send a woman soaring over the edge… are still not the number 1 sexual organ.  I know I know, your thinking, WTF man.. what else is left, she’s named almost all the body parts, the only one she hasn’t is the.. oh hell nah.. say it ain’t so Shanny.. you think it’s the ass?  Well.. now lets discuss this here a moment, shall we.  The anus is full of nerve endings, millions of them.  Why wouldn’t it be a great sexual organ?  Well, it is..but that too is not the number 1 sexual organ, and frankly for most it’s still a much to taboo area to discuss.  Me personally.. hey, if it gets you off… do it!

Custom "Brain" mini munny

Custom “Brain” mini munny (Photo credit: Aidan O’Sullivan)

Ok, I will let you in on what I consider to be the number 1 sexual organ.  It’s the brain, duh!  If the brain is not fired up for sex, guess what.. sex isn’t happening, well at least not meaningful fulfilling sex anyways.  I know men won’t understand this because frankly, there’s only enough blood in the human body to support one head functioning at a time and well, during sex it’s not the head on their shoulders getting the blood.   For women though, we can have sex and still be elsewhere in our thoughts.  I have had numerous times where the man I was with at the time did not take the time needed to excite my brain into being turned on enough to devote my total attention to him.  I’ve honestly laid there while he was “going to town giving it his all” and thought.. “damn.. I forgot to pick up milk when I went to the store today.  I guess I need to write it down and start a new list”.  The man being totally clueless because after all he’s giving it his all trying to show me how his “big dick” is the only thing in the world and I should be so thankful to have it in me.  Well guys, the truth is if she’s not mentally turned on… all the lube in the world with the biggest fattest cock is not going to do it for her.  Her brain is still going to be off somewhere else, thinking about things she either needs to do or wants to do.  “Hmm I wonder if Brenda can have lunch with me tomorrow, I haven’t seen her in forever”.. will be in her mind while “oh yeah, oh baby.. give it to me daddy” will be out of her mouth and you’ll never know it.  Then she’ll go tell her friends.. “Yeah.. all I could think about last night while we were doing it was, damn I wish he’d hurry up, I’m missing my Fatal Vows show and last nights was the new episode”… It happens so much more then you men like to believe it.

I know your thinking, well the brain really isn’t a sexual organ.  You can’t touch it, stroke it, suck it, or anything else like you can the tits/ass/pussy/dick.. but you can arouse it, titillate it, make it connect in a way that it shoots fireworks throughout the body.  Think about it this way.  The brain is the control center for the entire body, right?  It makes the lungs breath, the heart beat, the muscles move.. it also sends that blood to the penis and clit.  It is in fact the ULTIMATE sexual organ.  Why the hell do you think there is porn?  I mean when you watch porn it’s not touching you, it’s not spanking you or tying you up… no, it’s putting a mental image into your BRAIN that allows said brain to send out signals to the genitals that ‘HEY.. WE WANT TO BE PLAYED WITH DOWN HERE”..

Human brain NIH

Human brain NIH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men, if you take the time to touch a woman’s brain before you even get to the part of touching her body.. she’ll be so open and receiving to you and whatever it is you want her to do, it will blow your mind.  When her body and brain both are so fired up, her orgasm will not only rock her, but will rock you as well.  As she’s shaking and moaning and possible even crying cause it was just so fucking good you’ll be like “Oh yeah baby.. that’s right.. that’s me doing that to you.. what’s my name baby?”  and you’ll be so excited about how excited you’ve made your woman.. you’ll explode into a quivering mess yourself.  And who knows.. if you do it really really well.. she might even get up and make you that sandwich!

36 thoughts on “A Rebuttal To The Penis Complex

  1. Shannygirl

    You didn’t add any pictures… Wow.. my reply must have really trumped yours if you “accidentally” left out pictures… (your way of deterring people from reading it..

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Pictures have been added. And I say look at that organ, sorry I have touched one in real life and it was not sexually arousing at all. Do you really want a part of my body inside your head touching that? Ewwww

      1. Shannygirl

        you just don’t understand it..men won’t.. which is why there will always be times when a woman is laying there thinking about grocery lists, laundry.. .what’s on TV.. is he done YET?

  2. ramblingsfromamum

    OMG… ok yes if your brain isn’t in the right place – nothing will work!!! Foreplay is NOT something that takes 1.5 minutes, foreplay is the beginning of the whole ‘act’. Romancing, candles, feckin rose petals or even doing the dishes, sweeping the floor. Any part that a man takes on that is helping the woman, even if daily chores, this is seduction to us females. She gets the ‘aww aren’t you so sweet’ (secretly yes I want it) thinking going on. If you just get into bed saying how about it babes…. evil eye will be cast…forget it, you haven’t helped me, you haven’t supported me what makes you think I’m going to spread my legs for you ffs! Lure and allure the key 🙂

    1. radaronelson Post author

      Oh I agree. I totally believe in foreplay and doing all that stuff and getting the mind into it. My argument is even though I agree the brain has to be into it for sex to happen, the brain is not a sexual organ. To me a sexual organ commits a physical act of sex and the brain does not do that. It gets aroused and in turn arouses the sexual organs that do the physical stuff.

      1. ramblingsfromamum

        But it can’t commit a sexual/physical act if it’s not prepared…though you lot work differently. Your penis is your brain, whereas our vaginas will only work when our brains are stimulated… so there 😉

        1. radaronelson Post author

          The penis wont get hard if the brain isn’t into it either. I totally agree the organs need to be prepared, hence the brain but you don’t have sex with the brain. My penis isn’t inside your brain it’s in other orifices controlled by the brain. 😉

          1. ramblingsfromamum

            But hellooooooo men are built differently – they could shag a lamppost if they wanted to…ie they don’t have to have the ‘brain’ thinking to get them aroused, whereas us women need to have that working 1st? Yes…?

            1. radaronelson Post author

              Ohhhhh wait there don’t be lumping us men all together. LOL. I am one the rare male species that does have to have the brain thinking to get aroused or i’m not shagging anything.

                1. radaronelson Post author

                  LOL thank you. Now since your bowing…can you um, well, er, can you, ………gosh this is hard to say. Will you, and I’ll be more than happy to return the favor, will you…..tie my shoe.

          1. radaronelson Post author

            I am not denying that at all. This is where I think my point is getting confused. I totally agree the brain has to be involved, even for me as a man. What I am saying is it is not a “sexual” organ because you don’t commit an actual act of “physical” sex with the brain.

  3. jokelly65

    if you had a penis you would realize just how wrong you are. LOL but with that said, I have two things to add to the wonders and joys of the Number one Digit. LOL
    the first is from Monty Python.
    Isn’t it awfully nice to have a penis?
    Isn’t it frightfully good to have a dong?
    It’s swell to have a stiffy.
    It’s divine to own a dick,
    From the tiniest little tadger
    To the world’s biggest prick.
    So, three cheers for your Willy or John Thomas.
    Hooray for your one-eyed trouser snake,
    Your piece of pork, your wife’s best friend,
    Your Percy, or your cock.
    You can wrap it up in ribbons.
    You can slip it in your sock,
    But don’t take it out in public,
    Or they will stick you in the dock

    so you see a penis is a wonderful thing. LOL

  4. jokelly65

    I how decided that the second thing is against the rules of Manhood to publish, its covered under section ten, paragraph five, the third sentence, which is covered more extensively under Addendum nine under General male secrets involving Testicles and Penis’s that are not to be divulged to women or Vanity fair reporters. .

  5. sensualnslutty

    In reading the first post on the penis complex my first thought on it being shaped like the #1 was just as Shannon said… I have seen a few hooked, curved ones to go against that idea. I do have agree that I would also love to know what it’s like to have a penis and to be the invader. I loved Shannon’s rebuttal. She’s so on point and I agree 100% with the brain being the #1 sex organ. I know if my partner/lover excites and works up my brain all day via texts, email, phone calls – I will rush home to fuck him in my best porn star style !!! (If he doesn’t make it to my office sooner)
    PS. I love when you to rebuttal each other… GREAT POSTS !!!

  6. Shannygirl

    thank you.. He’s still refusing to admit the brain is a sexual organ because he says it’s not being physically used or touched.. I tried to explain that is is being physically used.. by arousing the brain it’s physically releasing the chemicals needed to excite the body… but he doesn’t get it.. but thats what happens I guess when you have 2 heads but only enough blood to use one at a time…


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