Another Fan Mail Reply

Well, I have to say these fan mails are getting insane.  Today we have the fake psycho chics reply to my response and let me tell you she is in her own little world.  This particular piece, unlike the ones before, was actually written by a fan.  Hmmmm should I be worried now?  This fan really got into the mind of this character.  It’s really good, MAYBE the next reply I post will be from my wife instead of me (hint, hint), you’ll see why after you read it.


My dearest Robert,

I can only imagine the duress that you must under to even respond in such a manner to me!!!!

But I will forgive you.  I understand. I read your wife’s blog.  I see the contempt and disdain this woman has for you and I know that it affects you in such a negative way.  Why I bet SHE put you up to this didn’t she.  She knows about us…doesn’t she?  I know she is into women and I thought it would work out between the three of us but I guess I was wrong.

I am so sorry my beloved that you must endure the pain of such a controlling and selfish person.  But I understand.   I understand it all know. I must read between the lines you write.  I am not the one that is nuts and I am not the one that is damaged. No, it’s her isn’t it.  That’s what you are trying to tell me.

Beloved I understand and I too so desperately want us to be together…but I can wait.  I will wait for you on my black satin sheets.  I will handcuff myself to my black iron headboard and when my rabbit is inside of me making me moist and wet….ahhhh….and sending me into convulsions  I will imagine that you are the one who is inside of me, deep, long, hard, and throbbing…… I will wait and I will prepare for you.

Do you like black lingerie.  I have all kinds of lingerie, black and lacy, sweet and girly that I can’t wait to wear for you.  Do you like toys? Do you like being tied up and penetrated?  Oh my dear we will ride beyond the stars in ecstasy…I promise you.. I promise you….

Oh and don’t worry about your wife…..don’t say a word to her…..tell her I have gone away for now.  Let her think that her trickery and sorcery have worked.

And I will take care of her.  You don’t have to worry about a thing.  I will take care of it all so that you and I can finally be together.

Oh and I love watching you take your showers in the morning…you look so cute and scrumptious when you play with yourself behind the green shower curtains….I so want to be with you…I love shower sex…..

your sweet Calli Baby…..


31 thoughts on “Another Fan Mail Reply

    1. radaronelson Post author

      It’s all a joke. There have been several postings. This is the 6th. The first one was “If I Had Fan Mail” where I said if I got fan mail what I thought it would say and wrote a fake fan mail letter. Then I followed it up with my reply. It’s just got a life of it’s own ever since.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      How is it different? You accept? LOL WAAAAIIIIIIITTTTTT…………you just said the women sending him these email were desperate. That’s a little harsh to say you would have to be desperate to send Jason this kind of e-mail. LOL

      1. rebecca2000

        LOL Oh I am harsh to him all the time… you know that 😉

        As for different, they tend to profess being “in love” with me. Also want pictures and usually start off trying to play it cool and then verbally ejaculate after the 3rd or 4th email.

          1. radaronelson Post author

            LOL see my problem, good or bad sex I normally don’t find out they are psycho until after I leave them. Then they go bat shit crazy on me, stalk me, and make my life a living hell….some even for years.

  1. ekisjan

    The really freaky thing is that you guys do the stalker thing so well… joke or not… kinda makes me worry now! Ha ha ha!

  2. AMDS

    Told you I’d be around. This was priceless! Your wifey better watch out, this chick is serious! 🙂 I’m sure she could take this girl though. And you’ll just be on the sidelines with popcorn. lol, have a great weekend.

    -April w/AMDS


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