Godzilla Vs. The Giant Squid

Seriously, as if we didn’t have enough reasons not to go into the ocean with the sharks, killer whales, sting rays, jelly fish, electric eels, and fish with human teeth, now we have a never before captured on film giant squid.  This is really getting out of hand here.  Stop looking for more monsters in the ocean people.  To think this was found by a Japanese-led team of scientists to boot.  You would have thought by now they would have learned their lesson with Godzilla, Monthra and all the other monsters that have devastated their little island.

Giant Squid 1

Apparently though they didn’t and ventured into the ocean to capture on film the world’s first live images of a giant squid, a creature thought to have inspired the myth of the “Kraken”.  I’m thinking it wasn’t so mythical after all.  It is silvery, 10 feet long and was seen last July near the Ogasawara Islands, south of Tokyo.  It apparently was small compared to normal giant squid standards.  There was one caught that was 18 meters long, including tentacles.  They have been known to exist but no one has ever been able to catch them on film.

So now I ask, where is Godzilla.  You have a giant squid south of Tokyo, Godizilla’s home, to which he used to terrorize but then decided to start protecting and Godzilla is nowhere to be found.  Sounds like to me maybe with all the different giant monsters over the years maybe Godzilla is getting a little tired of projecting Japan and has said your on your own this time.

Giant Squid 2

The giant squid has not attacked anyone on land yet, but there are many stories of ships being sunk at sea by the “Kraken” which is now believed to be a giant squid.  So I think it is only a matter of time before this giant squid attacks.  Question is…..will Godzilla come to the rescue one final time?  Only time will tell.


36 thoughts on “Godzilla Vs. The Giant Squid

  1. Sydney Fong

    So interesting article! If I am Godzilla, I surely hide away from camera, they only paid me nuts after a long long shooting and even kill me without any sympathy. So what is the point?
    LOL! 🙂

                1. ekisjan

                  Hmmmm… And here I thought you would latch on to Charlize Theron and score… Clearly I am the one with the dirty mind here…


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