Fan Mail Reply Continued

In the on-going FAKE fan-mail saga, it has become apparent I have attracted another psycho chick and she isn’t going away anytime soon.  So here is my fake reply to that fake fan mail.

Dear Psycho Lady,

You are fucking nuts.  I don’t know what plane you fell from but you did some serious damage to your head.  LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!  Threaten my life one more time and I will have you arrested.  Threaten to lock me in your basement again and I will have you arrested.  Send me anything of yours again and I will have you arrested.  Come on my property again and I will have you arrested.  Come near any of my family and I will have you arrested.  If you can’t figure out the theme here let me break it down for you….I will have you arrested.

Sending me your blood is insane and the fact you said you were on your period, which I didn’t need to know, I can only assume the blood you sent was from that and not from a cut you made or anything else.  That is just wrong on so many different levels.

You need help.  You are mental.  As for the no-contact order, your damn right I believe it can keep us apart because if you break it, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!  I do not want to see your basement, your bondage equipment, your sex toys, your panties, your bras, your lingerie, your blood, your body, or even you.  Stay the fuck away and don’t ever contact me again you disturbed, sick, insane, lunatic, fuck.



27 thoughts on “Fan Mail Reply Continued

  1. evilnymphstuff

    Omg I’ve just been catching up on that fan mail series. It’s awesome! Please do continue… I don’t think she’ll give up that easily 😉 A psychopath never does give up in fact…

  2. ekisjan

    I do hope that your fictional self is well stocked on guns and ammo… There is no way this can end pretty. Also, (I do believe that this I do not have to tell you) do not engage in any imaginary sex, pot smoking/drug use and or skinny dipping. Yes, I realize that is just your average Friday the 13th fare, but she did mention bondage. So the odds of her having a Gimp mask is not that far a stretch of the imagination.
    I just do not want to see your imaginary self get machete-ed by some Gimp mask wearing psycho bitch. Especially after THAT little letter of rejection you sent…

    1. radaronelson Post author

      LOL, no guns or ammo but I got swords and knives and yea I’ve seen enough horror movies to know some of those things unfortunately the ones you listed will be very difficult to not do. LOL.

      1. ekisjan

        Yeah, but I heard this rumour that staying alive whilst being skewered is even more difficult… Brilliantly written posts, by the way. Either that or you got a bad case of the schitzo’s.

  3. betunada

    i don’t care what the rest of them are saying about you, it deffinitely (deafinatly) is true that your life is not going to teter towards the cliff of borrrrring anytime soon.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      LOL, shit I do it all the time face to face to people. You should try it. You’ll like it. I promise. Come on. Just say Shit. Just one time. Shhhhiiiiiiiitttttttt.


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