Ode To My Wife

Shannon 1

Those of you who don’t know already I am married to Shannon who runs the amazingly diverse blog over at Shanpagne All Around to which I recommend everyone go follow right now.  I said NOW!  Okay now my wife has always put up with a lot from me.  I’m not the easiest guy to live with I know.  Aside from being ruggedly handsome, intelligent, extremely funny, an amazing lover, there are other things that well she will consider flaws.  I don’t but she does.

I love to party, I will drink till 8am every day if I could.  I love my music and I love my movies which doesn’t really leave a lot of time for shows about women who killed their husbands on the ID channel.  I have very very mild OCD.  To her it’s extreme but really it’s not, I just believe everything has it’s place, from books, movies, CDs, dishes, half empty glasses of water, to dirty clothes and shoes.  If you sit it down in the wrong spot, there should be no surprise that it got moved to the correct spot where it belongs when you come back looking for it.


She also has to deal with a lot of mistakes I have made in my past and unfortunately those women have had an effect on our financial situation today.  The biggest mistake being my ex-wife.  The source of the majority of our money issues, next to me losing my job.  She never signed up to deal with my ex.  Most people don’t have exes that treat their husbands the way mine treats me yet she stays with me anyway even though she doesn’t have too.

Then of course probably the biggest issue is my flirting.  I have a bad habit of taking it too far.  Have we been looking for a third?  Sure.  Do I advertise it too much?  Definitely too much for her.  Most people know though that my flirting is nothing more than jokes and fun but on occasion I will say something that crosses the line of being respectful to her, and though she may get mad she forgives me and she is still with me.  She knows I don’t mean any harm.  She loves me.


So with all my good and my bad she is still with me.  She is an amazing woman.  She is “damn sexy”.  Dare I say great in bed.  The best lover I have ever had and no I am not saying that for all you other perverts to start hitting on her because I will track you down, get in a car, boat, whatever and find you and kick your ass.  She never says no to anything I want to try in bed or out of bed and is always looking to try something new to spice things up.

She is deeply committed to keeping our marriage together, to helping me stay sane and healthy and to be the best person I can be.  She is my best friend.  I couldn’t ask for a better friend, wife, lover, or confidant.  Though I will still continue to mess up, I will still continue to not always listen to her and make the wrong choice, I will still continue to take my flirting too far, I know she will still be there, by my side, loving me.

I love you Shannon



27 thoughts on “Ode To My Wife

      1. Fat Bottom Girl

        Because of the wonderful relationships (saying that sarcastically) I’ve been in, when a guy says nice things about me, or is nice to me, I always figure he has an ulterior motive.

  1. sakuraandme

    I would just say that,teddy-bear just came out! I’m not one to trust men 100% but I would say that was a guy telling the woman he loves,that he appreciates the fact she’s still around!
    I get the whole OCD thing! Hugs to you and your wife. 🙂 …….Paula x

  2. redpilloutlaw

    Wishing you and your wife the best, least ya know your flaws. Relationships cannot survive without reality, knowing who they are, we are, both people’s strengths and weaknesses, otherwise it’s a fantasy that will break when it pauses. Just make sure you authentically acknowledge her, often, as I hope this post does.

  3. ekisjan

    Your wife sounds like an amazing woman! And if I may say, not too bad looking either. (She can take that as a compliment.)
    I think you forgot one other thing about her: She seems to be an amazing giver of gifts. Very important that. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pretend that you are happy about the soap on a rope you got?

      1. ekisjan

        Damnit man! Do you always go about teasing starving homeless people by dangling a steak in front of their noses? And then… and then go about consuming said piece of steak with a smug look on your face? Well, do ya??

        NOT that I am saying your wife is a piece of meat. Don’t get me wrong…

  4. sensualnslutty

    That was a very sweet post… and your wife is a hottie!! Your a lucky man to have a wife that is so open minded in and outta the bedroom to not say no to your requests (there’s not many of us out there) – you should definitely show your appreciation often !!

      1. sensualnslutty

        Well there you go !! I’m sure she feels appreciated or she wouldn’t be so willing to be so generous to you in the bedroom. Us women have a tendency to hold out when we are not getting what we want in return.


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