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Notifies people of a joke. (SVG version)

Notifies people of a joke. (SVG version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had, what I believe to be a little confusion with some of my new followers, with some of my posts on what is a joke and what is not a joke when it comes to topics referencing sex.  With that said I felt it best to clarify things to eliminate that confusion.

  • This blog is not dedicated to better informing anyone on sex, how to be a better sexual partner, or how to convey what you want in sex with a partner.
  • 98% of all comments made towards sex, about sex, or including sex are nothing more than a joke.
  • If I post anything about sex that I am serious about I will always state at the beginning of the post some sort of comment that will ensure that the reader knows that it is a serious post and not a joke.  So far there have only been about 3 of those and I have been blogging since April 2012.  So you can see it doesn’t happen often.
  • I do post many serious post that have NOTHING to do with sex and again those posts have something in the beginning annotating that.  Now because it is NOT about sex, there will almost always be a comment about sex included.  That comment is meant as the comic relief of the post.  Just because the post is serious does not mean the one or two sexual comments are as well.
  • I am someone who deals with everyday events in life with comedy.  I have done this my entire life.  It’s how I deal with life, the good and the bad.  So 90% of my posts have some sort of comic relief to them even if they are meant to be serious.  If there is nothing funny in my post it’s because I posted during a bad day of my depression.
  • I believe laughter makes a person live longer and so I do my best to make people laugh when I can.  I am also considered clinically depressed so I find that it helps me with my depression as well.
  • When reading my blogs use common sense.  If it doesn’t make sense or is something that would go against societies rules…guess what?  It’s a joke.
  • My blog is not dedicated to bring you the news, that is what CNN is for.  I will on occasion talk about something in the news but I will always put my brand of comedic spin on things to try and make it as funny as I can.
  • I do not talk politics.  You will only see one post that comes close to this and it is not a political post but a factual post about prior presidents.
  • I do not talk religion.  I went to church for 34 years of my life (I am now 40) and stopped for a reason.  This blog is far from a religious blog, not to mention I know the bible inside and out and you don’t want to have a theological discussion with me.  Trust me.  Some might call me “The Sam Kinison of the 2000’s”
  • I have a perverted mind.  It’s inherited.  I get it from my father.  I can and will turn most everything I hear into something sexual which means you will see something sexual in the majority of my posts.  You have to remember a comedic pervert writes this blog, therefor these perverted sexual comments are jokes and nothing more.
  • Use common sense.  Yes I’m repeating this one because I think it bears repeating.  If you are using common sense when you read my blog posts you will know when I am being serious and when I am joking.

Hopefully this better clarifies anything I have posted in the past, currently posted, or will post in the future for any new followers I have gained over the past few weeks or will gain in the future.

Very Respectfully,

Your King and Blog Owner

Rob “John Holmes” Nelson


32 thoughts on “Blog Disclamer For New Followers

    1. radaronelson Post author

      LOL, nope not going to happen. I believe everyone interprets the bible differently even those who teach it in college. I have found in my past that it just becomes an argument on who’s interpretation is the correct one and there is no right person or wrong person. To which I just avoid the conversations all together. Also why, when I did go, I never did the whole talk to people who don’t go and convince them church is the way. Church is organized religion and a choice. God and your personal belief is the way. I am not one to tell you what your personal belief should or should not be.

        1. radaronelson Post author

          I’m very much like my father. I’m an agitator. I will keep an argument going and always have a reply to everything until the point that the person is frustrated and pissed, meanwhile I’m just sitting there having fun, laughing on the inside, enjoying seeing how far I can take it before they give up because they aren’t getting anywhere with me. I especially love playing devils advocate. My wife hates it when I do that. I will agree with her 100% on a topic but when I get in that devils advocate mood oh lord watch out, I have to stop when she gets really angry and let her know I agreed the whole time, I just wanted her to see someone else’s opinion even if I personally didn’t agree with it.

  1. sakuraandme

    Religious I am not! If I stepped a foot in…who knows what would happen to me! I think I’ve broken every commandment there is! To be honest I think most people have and therefore that’s why I’m not religious! You joke to cover your feeling and I smile all the time. Depression is difficult and you’ve found something that works for you! I applaud you…..Paula x
    P.S Why am I not part of your community??? Lol xxx

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