I had the honor of popping Vagenda Vixen’s Guest Blogger cherry today. So please take a look if your not scared. Browse her site. Leave a comment and follow her.

Vagenda Vixen


***Hey beautiful bloggers!***

I recently did a guest blog called SHIT for the lovely Rob

over at Seasons of Insanity. So as he was my very

first ask to guest blog, it was only right I let him

take my “Guest blogging virginity!”.

Now the thing I love about Robs blog most is

just like me there are NO real limits. He loves

Zombies but not in that way… If you want to see

what I am talking about check it out for yourself.

He is a great blogger and such a funny guy and a great writer.

He and his wife blog and I love reading the way they interact

and banter on the comments. It is so cute. I am proud to introduce my

first guest Blogger Rob be sure to follow his blog!

Over to you Rob!


***Are They Real Or Fake? ***
Who The Fuck…

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