Just Spank Them Already

You've got to be cruel to be kind...

You’ve got to be cruel to be kind… (Photo credit: HA! Designs – Artbyheather)

I don’t know how many times I have been at a restaurant, grocery store, Target, Walmart, the mall, or anywhere public and there has been some kid running around acting unruly, screaming, telling their parents no, cursing their parents out, throwing hissy fits on the floor, or whatever.  Instead of taking that child and spanking their ass, the parents just either ignore them and let them do and say what they want or they will just sit there say bullshit like “stop right now or your going to be in time out” or some BS like that and just continue to argue with them and letting them throw their fits and disturb everyone around them.  I’m sorry but be a fucking parent.  Grab that kid by the arm, turn them around and tear their ass up.  I spanked my kids and they turned out ok, they aren’t gang members, serial killers, drug addicts, or anything like that.  Shit I was spanked as a kid and I grew up and did 20 years in the Air Force, received more awards then I can count, excelled in every job I had.  Anyone who says spanking damages your child’s psyche, I’m sorry they don’t know what they are talking about.

I was always considered the good kid, I wasn’t, I was just really good at not getting caught.  Now that being said I did get my ass spanked a time or two.  My grandmother, who I loved and miss dearly, was old school, when you got spanked by her it was with a handful of switches.  Now the kicker was you had to go out to the peach tree and pick those switches and you didn’t dare pick the ones that broke on the first swat because you would be right back out there picking more.  Now me being the intelligent child that I was, figured out one time about 10 or so, hey, I’m young, she’s old, I can out run her, so I don’t remember why I was in trouble but she happened to have switches already and came out the front door after me and I took off around the house, she followed, I ran all the way around back to the front and stopped, then I see her coming around behind me so I took off again, made it back around to the front and look back and here she comes again, after the 3rd time, she got smart, as I took off around the house, she cut through the house and came out the back screen door as I was passing by and grabbed me.  Let’s just say I never ran from her again.

Cover of "Eddie Murphy - Delirious"

Cover of Eddie Murphy – Delirious

Now my mother, this woman was like Eddie Murphy’s mother, she would spank you with whatever she could get her hands on, be it her shoe, the flyswatter, a switch, the cat, it didn’t matter, if it was close by she grabbed it.  But her ultimate means of punishment, especially if I said something I wasn’t supposed to was Caster oil, GOD I hated that stuff, it was thick, nasty, and I spent the next hour on the toilet with diarrhea.

My dad, well my dad only spanked me 1 time, but for some reason he was the one to be feared.  You didn’t want to be spanked by him.  It was like an urban legend, if he spanked you, your ass would hurt so bad you wouldn’t be able to sit on it for a week.  So I avoided getting spanked by him at all costs.  My mother would threaten me, “Do I need to tell your father what you did”  “NO Ma’am, you spank, it will hurt less”.  Like I said though I did get spanked 1 time though and I knew it was coming.  A friend at school told me to hold my breath and it wouldn’t hurt so I thought, it can’t hurt to try.  He got home, told me to put my hands on the chair, grabbed his belt, I took a deep breath, and pow, wow what do you know it didn’t hurt, pow again, still didn’t hurt, pow a third time, this shit really works.  He stops, I’m waiting and waiting and nothing, I can’t hold my breath anymore so I exhale.  As soon as I do, POW, THAT SHIT HURT!  I started crying, saying I’m sorry.  He said go to my room I was grounded for a week.  I never got caught doing that again (what it was I don’t remember).

English: Man getting spanked by "Princess...

English: Man getting spanked by “Princess” at EXXXOTICA New York 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Funny as kids we avoid spankings we don’t want to be spanked their bad, then we become adults, and spankings take on a whole new meaning.  Now we like it.  Now we are doing someone from behind and she says spank my ass, you give it tap not wanting to hurt her and she screams harder, so you do just a little,  “HARDER”, so you think fuck it and you spank that ass hard, she moans, you get into it and things are great, then the tables are reversed and you happened to be in a position where she is able to spank you, your not expecting it, and next thing you know, SMACK, hand on the ass, it stings but arousing too.  Before you know it you realize you like it.  Now your probably sitting over there saying how in the hell did we go from getting spanked as a kid to getting spanked as an adult, well I’ll tell you how.  I’m a freaking pervert.  Geez.  Everyone knows this.  I can’t have a post that doesn’t involve sex somehow.  Only 2% of my posts or sex free.

So my point is if your kid is acting up, spank their fucking ass don’t threaten them with time outs, they aren’t going to think about what they did wrong, they are thinking about how they are going to get you back.  Also, do you like spankings during sex?  How often?  Sometimes, All the time, Never?


41 thoughts on “Just Spank Them Already

  1. gemini

    For me the answer is yes I like spanking, but I am a consenting adult!!. No to spanking kids for me. In the UK it is against the law and classed as abuse. I never spanked my kids and they have turned out ok too! They are kind, caring and patient and I am proud !

    1. radaronelson Post author

      And it sounds like you had well behaved kids which is great. With that said the main point was trying to get at was I hear too often people say it’s bad and it’s not. Now, obviously we differ on opinion with spanking children, I do hope that I didn’t upset you with my post. My intent is to never upset anyone who reads my posts. I tried to bring a little humor to it with my stories of me being spanked as a kid to avoid that.

      1. gemini

        You did not upset me at all. I just wanted to put my view point across. Oh and believe you me..teenage twin boys were not easy, but i got there in the end! 🙂

  2. literaryyogi

    I don’t have kids yet, but I don’t think I’d spank them. My parents did the whole standing with my nose in a corner for an hour thing. That was annoying and embarrassing. It’s like timeout but standing up with facing the wall. I feel like parents have to walk a fine line these days and everything seems to damage a kid somehow.

    As for spanking as an adult, heck yes. My husband’s favorite past time is patting me on the ass every chance he gets.

              1. Kitt Crescendo

                Nope! No welted or reddened ass for me…just the occasional bite with my pleasure….you know, a little ass smack and hair pull…but not too much. I’m liable to knock a person out if handled improperly. But I have no issue with doling out a bit of pain…if asked nicely, of course. 😉 (well, before I got married.)

  3. Misty

    In my opinion, parents can teach their kids without raising a hand. I have an 18 year old a 13 year old and a 10 year old and they would never talk back like most of the kids now days. It’s all in the follow through, if you tell your kids that you are taking all there toys away, or you are going to set them in a corner then by god do it. The reason kids are rude ass holes is because their parents are to lazy to do anything not because they don’t hit.

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I think it depends on the children too. I know personally children who have had every single thing taken out of their room except their bed and clothes and grounded from all electronics and it didn’t phase them. Didn’t change their attitude or anything. Some kids you can just look at them and threaten to ground them and they break down crying and straighten up and never do it again, other don’t care one way or the other.

      1. Misty

        In my experience that’s not true. Kids don’t listen when they have no fear for authority so if the parents take there things away but “nicely” that don’t work. If the kids aren’t listening to adults it’s because they have no reason too.

  4. ramblingsfromamum

    I had the strap when I was younger as did my brothers. I have grown up fine, no hang-ups, no belief of being abused, no thoughts of criminal intent later on in life because I had a bad upbringing. The world has changed. Parents can’t smack (and we aren’t talking the belt) their children here, Teachers can’t use a ruler (yup I remember being on the end of that also). Children who ARE misbehaved will not suffer with a smack on the bum. People take it all out of context. One smack will lead to another. It also depends on the individual, some over will take it one step too far, some will raise their hands, belt, or kick their kids. THIS I DO NOT AGREE WITH. For those parents with screaming out of control kids in a supermarket say, they are not allowed to touch them for they can be hauled in by the Police. How stupid is this have we turned into such a nanny world that we aren’t allowed to discipline our own children how we see fit? If time out, taking toys away works then fine keep doing it. If a child will not listen to logic and continues to perform then a hand on the bum will immediately have the affect they need. The child will learn ..I do this I get a smack ..I don’t like it..therefore I won’t do it again. Similarly when you are teaching your child not to touch fire. It’s hot – it will hurt you – they try it out to see – they learned their lesson. A smack (and please whoever reads this) I don’t mean a belting will also teach the lesson. We have become so scared to do anything. I think if half the kids today (here at least) had parents who properly disciplined their kids growing up, we wouldn’t have them walking round king hitting or stabbing or even shooting. Sorry for going on so much. This is my opinion only. 🙂

    1. radaronelson Post author

      I agree, I remember when the principle in school could paddle you. I got paddled in school more than once for fighting. I have never felt like it was abuse. I always felt I deserved it. I did something I wasn’t supposed to do. It was simple.

      1. ramblingsfromamum

        Yes it made us NOT want to do what we shouldn’t. Nowadays (showing my age) They know that they can get away with doing whatever they want because there will be no punishment, other than your toy is off you, or you shall sit on the naughty step..I mean really! Good Post Rades I enjoyed that (as you probably noted with my response!) 🙂

  5. ekisjan

    My mother, God rest her soul was, according to my friends the devil incarnate. I cannot remember what I did, but she was busy making sandwhiches and I was annoying the crap out of her. Problem was I was in close proximity. Next moment she hits me with the bloody knife she is using to cut the bread. Right in the face! Okay, ,so it was on my cheeck.
    Now if you know the type of knife I am referring to, it is those that got a broad blade. If it was skill or pot luck I do not know, but I wasn’t cut.
    But if there is one thing I have learnt though: If you wanted to piss of my mom, just check what she had in her hands, and make sure that you were okay with getting beat with whatever she had.
    But y’know what? I still loved that old lady to bits, and she loved me.

  6. saved in drafts

    Its a tough subject these days and the response varies – more often than not depending on their individual upbringing. I dont like spanking my son, hes 4 and he spends every other weekend at his (dickhead) fathers house whom does not discipline him or stick to the rules at all so i don’t think its fair to go that far when most of the time hes forgotten that what he is doing is naughty (because he is allowed to at daddys)

    That being said i have given him a smack now and then when hes been (and known it) REALLY bad but i always felt guilty and looked for alternative ways. As a child i wasnt spanked-at least not regularly; my husband however was. He now thinks of spanking as the norm when it comes to disciplining whereas i find it a little more taboo – in fact im pretty sure there are some laws in england….?

    spanking kids – should be- down to the parents and obviously within reason but thats the problem – it cant be monitored. These days you cant do it in public because other people interfere.(im going to have to google these laws now) i personally dont see the harm of it IF its a rare occurance for those times when a spanking is the lighter punishment option but mostly ill give him a stern telling off, take away his fun stuff and give him a tap on the hand. thats usually enough to see the waterworks and break my heart because of it.

    as for adult spanking…im not a fan. biting and scratching though….fuck yes!

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